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    AZ - Alpha Koryor, 2, dies in hot car, Phoenix, 20 April 2015

    I never cease to be amazed how many children are unsupervised.

    Dad was supposedly getting haircuts for kids, drinking beer before he left with 2 kids, bought gin & drank instead. Returned home & went to sleep. For 2+ hours, other adults in the house did not realize that the tot was not brought indoors.

    41-year-old James Koryor was arrested and booked into jail Tuesday morning on suspicion of manslaughter and child abuse. Investigators said there was damage to the interior of the car, evidence the child struggled to get out, Crump said. There were no child seats in the car.

    Outside temperatures in the 70s are still hot enough to kill a person left in a car, especially a small child. Monday's high temperature reached 93 degrees.


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    From last month:

    Jury finds man who drank gin, left toddler in hot car guilty of negligent homicide

    A jury on Tuesday found a man accused of manslaughter in the heat-related death of his toddler not guilty of that charge, but guilty of both negligent homicide and child abuse.

    According to police, James Koryor, now 43, drank a bottle of gin while driving with his two sons in April 2015. He was supposed to be taking them to get haircuts, but went to a liquor store instead. He then went home and fell asleep.
    Sentencing is scheduled for February 16th.

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