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    Australia - Gordon Rogers, 20, Beachport, SA, 2 Aug1970

    "Police in Australia are hoping to find out what happened to a Canadian man, presumed murdered, who went missing almost 45 years ago.

    Detectives have revisited the coastal town of Beachport in South Australia after receiving new information about Gordon Rogers through a Crime Stoppers cold case campaign, The Advertiser reports.

    Rogers was 20 years old and travelled to Australia on a work visa in March 1970, according to Crime Stoppers.

    He was a labourer for the Woods and Forest Department when he went drinking with a friend from work at a party in Beachport on Aug. 2, 1970.

    That friend, according to Crime Stoppers, said he left the party to take his girlfriend home and asked another man to take Rogers home.

    That man told investigators he took a woman home first, then returned to the party. When he got there, he said, Rogers wasn't there.

    He was never seen or heard from again, and police think he was murdered."


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    "Crime Stoppers is offering a $200,000 reward for anyone who provides information that leads to finding Rogers' body or to a conviction in the case, according to The Australian.

    Although the Crime Stoppers website says Rogers was from Saskatchewan, a Twitter user has posted that he was originally from Coquitlam, B.C., saying that her family "bought his childhood home from his (parents) in 1994" and they moved to Saskatchewan after that.

    The reward for information in the Rogers case is part of a push by cops to solve cold cases in South Australia. They have 113 unsolved murders and reward money now tops $34 million."

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    Lots of info and pics.


    "Major Crime case officer Detective Brevet Sergeant Anthony van der Stelt said he was confident there were still people living at Beachport who had knowledge of what had happened to Mr Rogers, 21, in the early hours of August 2, 1970, after he left a party in the town.

    He did not return to the house he was staying at with a friend, leaving his passport and belongings untouched.

    Mr Rogers was a university student on a working holiday in Australia. He had already visited Perth, Alice Springs and Brisbane and had secured a part-time job in the forestry industry at Mt Burr, near Mt Gambier at the time he vanished."


    “It is entirely likely there was no intent, no pre-planning other than to give him a hiding and that went too far. It is likely a number of decent people have knowledge of this incident. They are at no risk from us if they come forward now.’’

    In that likely scenario, the person or persons responsible may have then panicked and opted to dispose of Mr Rogers’ body.

    While the length of time that has elapsed since the murder has presented detectives with some difficulties, they are also hoping it may also work in their favour. The Beachport locals who attended the party are now aged between 60 and 90 and may now be prepared to assist police"

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    Gordan Bruce ROGERS
    Missing since: Sunday, August 2, 1970
    Last seen: Beachport
    Jurisdiction: SA
    Year of birth: 1949
    Age now: 67
    Gender: Male
    Height: 180cm
    Build: Medium
    Hair: Brown
    Complexion: Fair
    Eyes: Brown
    Reward offered: $200,000 - more information

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    Missing: Gordon Rogers' passport was left at a Beachport boarding house. (Supplied:SAPOL)
    24 April, 2015

    Witnesses to the 1970 disappearance of Gordon Rogers may have lied, police say
    By Kate Hill
    Although Rogers' body has never been found, Detective van der Stelt is very clear on what he believes happened to the young man, who liked to be known by his middle name of Bruce.

    "Police are confident that Bruce has fallen victim to a homicide," he said.

    "There was no reason for him to disappear of his own accord and circumstances surrounding the disappearance support that."

    Detective van der Stelt said Mr Rogers was a 'well-liked' young man who had made plenty of friends in the area since arriving in Australia for a working holiday in late March, 1970.

    Quickly landing a job as a labourer with the Woods and Forest Department at Mount Burr, Mr Rogers also made plans to travel to New Zealand after a short stint with the company.

    Invited to a housewarming party at Beachport on a stormy winter night in August, witnesses would later tell police that Mr Rogers kept mostly to himself, sitting quietly by a fire.

    Fights broke out between party-goers that evening, but Mr Rogers was not involved.

    He left at 3.30am, leaving his friends by the fire.

    It was a friend and work colleague who appeared at the Beachport Police Station seven hours later to report Gordon Rogers as officially missing.

    Detective van der Stelt said evidence suggests that sometime after leaving the housewarming party, the young man had some type of altercation, although with whom and where remains unknown.
    Someone out there knows what happened to Gordon Rogers and knows where his body lies, Detective van der Stelt believes.
    Anyone with any information should come forward and contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report on-line for one main reason, said Detective van der Stelt.

    "It's simply the right thing to do."
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