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    MD - Trooper Charged in Assault of Man in Custody


    ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) A Maryland State trooper was charged Tuesday with punching a man in handcuffs who was in custody at the Glen Burnie barracks, the department said.

    Trooper First Class Nathan Steelman, 28, was charged on a criminal summons with second-degree assault and misconduct in office. State Police spokesman Greg Shipley said in a news release that Steelman, a 5-year veteran of the agency, has been suspended with pay since the incident was reported.

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    Steelman, IMVHO, is an a-hole. Some guy flicked a cigarette at him so he used his power and authority as an officer to track him down and have him arrested. Now, I'm not excusing Snook's actions, what a jerk for flicking a cigarette at someone and he deserves to charged. But Steelman? He abused his authority and then assaulted Snook because he was p*ssed. He's the bigger jerk IMHO LOL

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    Have doubts that Snook's flicked a cigarette at Steelman - can't even give it a 50% chance of being true considering what ensued.

    Who knows who started whatever confrontation took place based on Officer Dante Servin driving up to a group of people from a party - initiating a confrontation where he shot two people - one fatally. Because he could.

    Steelman had a grudge to finish and wasted time (his and others) and money (none of his) pursuing it. Because he could. Agree 100%Steelman is an a-hole - seems the officer that reported him might have thought so as well. Jmo.

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