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    UK - Shafilea Ahmed, 17, Cheshire, 11 Sept 2003

    A Coronation Street actress has read song lyrics written by a missing girl, who detectives believe is almost certainly dead.

    Police may fly to Pakistan to piece together information about a missing girl they believe is almost certainly dead.

    Police fear a teenage girl who has been missing for two months may have been killed.http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/e...de/3283245.stm

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    The parents of a missing teenager police believe is "almost certainly" dead have been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping her.

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    Detectives investigating the disappearance of Cheshire teenager Shafilea Ahmed say they are no nearer to learning what has happened to her.

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    For Shafilea

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    The parents of a missing Cheshire teenager have identified jewellery found on a woman's body in a river in Cumbria as their daughter's

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    UK-Shafilea Ahmed, body possibly found

    Just read an article on another site that Shafilea Ahmed has been found 70 miles away in a lake. The jewelry on the body was identified by the parents, but DNA tests will be completed. So sad, looks like her body has been found. No word on whether it was foul play. I am suspecting suicide.

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    shafilea ahmed's body found

    Missing girl's jewellery found on body

    Shafilea Ahmed: Disappeared in September 2003
    The parents of a missing Cheshire teenager have identified jewellery found on a woman's body in a river in Cumbria as their daughter's.
    Shafilea Ahmed, 17, went missing from her home in Liverpool Road, Great Sankey, Warrington on 11 September last year.

    The body of a woman was found 70 miles away on 4 February in the River Kent, near Kendal, Cumbria, following flooding in the area.

    Miss Ahmed's parents Iftikhar Ahmed, 44, and Farzana, 41, have identified a gold zigzag bracelet and blue topaz ring which were found on the body.

    Police forensic officers examined the riverbank for clues

    Miss Ahmed required medical treatment after she drank bleach, apparently in protest at having a marriage arranged for her.

    But no UK hospitals had reported treating anyone who matched her description since she disappeared.

    Cheshire Police said divers were searching the river bed for clues and officers were waiting for DNA test results.

    A spokesman said they had not launched a murder inquiry.

    He said: "The young female has not yet been identified, and DNA tests could take as long as 10 days.

    Badly decomposed

    "We are now working with Cumbria Police to preserve and search the area."

    A Cumbria Police spokesman said the body was badly decomposed when it had been found at Sedgwick.

    It was of a young woman, aged 17 to 23, about 5ft 2ins tall and slim.

    She was wearing long trousers, which were either white or cream with laced flies, a grey or khaki Jodie Jo T-shirt with the worlds Little Italy, 142nd Street, NYC written on it.

    She was also wearing a fawn or grey woollen cardigan with a zip and hood.

    (I don't know if I am allowed to post where I got this from?)

    here is the article link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/e...de/3498655.stm

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    What a difference. A woman who drank bleach, and in the US would be considered a runaway, the UK assumed she was a victim of a crime.


    "She had visited Pakistan with her family earlier this year and been introduced to a potential suitor.

    But in an apparent cry for help, she drank bleach and was hospitalised after suffering serious internal damage. Shafilea was unable to eat or drink without medication because of her injuries.

    When she returned to the UK, she spent 10 weeks in intensive care at Warrington hospital. Cheshire police fear she has been murdered after extensive searches of wasteland near her home proved fruitless.

    Her parents did not report her disappearance to police - teachers from her former school contacted officers after they overheard her younger siblings discussing it, more than a week after she went missing."
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    Muslim teen may be victim of "honour" killing: UK Police
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    A body pulled from a river in Cumbria is that of a 17-year-old girl who went missing last September.

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    Any more information on Shafilea?

    Praying for justice, Lanie

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    For Shafilea, and for justice.

    Much love, Lanie

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    From August 2012:


    Iftikar and Farzana Ahmed, strict Muslims who are first cousins from the same village in Pakistan, were jailed for life after being found guilty of the 2003 honour killing of their “determined” and “ambitious” daughter Shafilea. They were told they would serve at least 25 years.

    They suffocated the 17 year-old in front of their four other children at their home in Warrington, Cheshire after she rejected a forced marriage in Pakistan.

    The couple escaped justice for almost nine years, accusing officers of victimisation and stereotyping for suspecting them after her body was found months later in a river in Cumbria.

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