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    For those who don't like the blank space on right side of screen

    Even though I'm on a laptop....I followed the instructions in post 1172 on the Jodi Arias discussion forum (thank you Ricki) and I now have a full screen without the ads or blank space on right side of my screen.

    go to your general settings. (can access it from the top of this page under Forum Actions)
    scroll down to Forum Skin.
    Choose WS Mobile. Then click on save changes.
    If you get some kind of message similar to "this is not supported on your ____", click on FULL SITE just below that.

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    UPDATE to info above.....

    If you change the settings to what I posted above and then log out.... when you log back in your screen looks really messed up (at least on a laptop)

    To correct this I had to click on the button in upper right hand corner (left of the magnifier/search button) and then click on Full Site then Forum button. I still have the full screen/no ads or blank space on all sub forums - but it appears as if this will be something that those of us not on a "mobile device" will have to do each time we log back in. This may not be something you would want to have to do each time you log back in.

    Personally, I'm gonna keep mine this way.... despite the extra log in step needed - because I like the full screen.
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    Thank you for pointing this bug out to me.

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