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    Bump for Alicia.

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    Four Weeks Since Alicia Ross' Disappearance

    The worst thing is not knowing.


    The agony of the wait seems to get worse every day.

    Alicia came home late on the evening of August 16th, and after saying goodbye to her boyfriend Sean Hine, went in her house. Her mother recalls thanking her daughter for a purse she was lending her, and then headed off to bed – a move she now deeply regrets.

    “I never go to bed early,” she sighs. “It was just that one night.”

    But it was the night Alicia disappeared, without her shoes, her purse or even her keys. Her car was found parked in the driveway where she’d left it. But there was nothing to indicate why she went back out or where she went from there.

    Now, so many days later with so little progress, Fortis’ strength and hope remains, although tempered with reality. “I need that phone call,” she pleads. “I need my daughter back. And I hesitate to say it but I will say it – in whatever circumstances.”

    The special Alicia Ross hotline remains active, but the calls have slowed considerably since the initial publicity faded. If you have a clue to ease a mother’s tortured mind, call 1-866-287-5025.


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    I'm really confused now. Alicia must have came into the house after Sean dropped her off as her mother said that she thanked her for a purse that she was loaning her and then mom went to bed.

    So she came home and did go into the house. Did Sean go on home after dropping her off or did he end up going into her basement room for some reason after her mom went to bed? Did someone come by and pick her up as she didn't take her car. I wonder if Sean's roommates were home when he got back there. If so, what time did they say he arrive.

    I still don't understand why Sean involved himself in calling LE to report her missing just because she didn't answer her cell phone that morning. Why did he think she was missing? Had he even talked to her mother that morning? So many questions and no answers. I wish we knew what LE probably knows.


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    I believe I read in an earler post that Alicia's mom was down stairs in the basement (where Alicia's room is) telling her and Sean about a funny story on something she tried to return. Maybe this was earler in the evening and then they left. Went to the store, or for a drive or something.
    It also said in one post that Alicia's mom had a movie on pause from when she had left her room. By that I thought that maybe she had just stepped out to walk Sean to his car. But most of the links describe it as him dropping her off.
    You never know with the media which version is acurate.

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    Alicia's family struggling

    THORNHILL -- It used to be a busy, noisy house brimming with warmth and laughter.

    Six kids, two knee-high poodles and two working parents equalled a bustling household.

    But since Alicia Ross, 25, disappeared more than a month ago, an unwelcome silence has crept in.

    "Whenever I had time alone, it was like a treasure," Ross' mother, Sharon Fortis, said yesterday at her kitchen table. "Now it's not good for me to be alone. I always need to be with people." Ross disappeared on Aug. 16 from her home on Bronte Rd., launching a citywide search that yielded no substantial leads. Her boyfriend Sean Hine, 29, was the last to see her.

    Family members have slowly resumed their routines. Brother Jamie is back at Seneca College, sister Trisha has returned to Australia to finish university studies, and father Julius goes in to work every morning as an accountant.

    "It's too depressing and much too hard on the psyche to sit and wait for the phone to ring," Fortis said.

    But all suffer short attention spans and have difficulty concentrating on the most banal of tasks.

    Even Fraser, the family dog, has changed his behaviour since Ross' disappearance.

    "He won't go down to her room," Fortis said looking at the pooch, its head resting on its paws, staring blankly at pairs of feet under the table. "He was extremely close with her and used to sleep in her bed. He knows something bad happened or saw what happened."

    The day Ross disappeared, Fortis said, it was when she saw her daughter's sandals lying uncharacteristically askew in the backyard and a glass sitting outside that she realized how bad the situation was.

    "She would definitely not leave things lying in the grass like that because of the dogs," Julius added.


    Since learning Ross was likely abducted by someone she knew, the family members have also been racking their brains for suspects.

    "We started thinking, but the problem is we have no enemies really," Julius said.

    They've given police every possible scenario and all have been interviewed, but suspects can be found in the unlikeliest places, even the biker you inadvertently cut off, he said.

    Since her disappearance, life has become a conscious struggle to just get through the day, Sharon said. "I wake up feeling sad, I fill my day, and go to bed sad ... But you have to have hope. There's no such thing as giving up. We're not a defeatist family."


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    On the news tonight, reporters were talking about finding the body of Jennifer Teague (the 18 year old missing for a week from Otawa, Ontario). They said there there was no new information about the disappearance of Alicia.
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    I feel so sad for Alicia's family. I don't know how those kids are hanging in there in college. There minds have to be on their sister all of the time. I don't think I could concentrate well enough to stay in school. I understand what her mother is talking about. It is hard to even function and do what needs to be done. I wish LE would find Alicia and that they would find who did this. My bet is still on the boyfriend. I'll bet LE is keeping a eye on him. I wonder if LE took fingerprints off of that glass in the yard.

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    Alicia Ross’ mom – coping in an impossible situation

    September 21, 2005
    Staff Reporter

    In the month since her daughter Alicia Ross has been missing, Sharon Fortis has taken comfort in the good wishes of friends, the support of family, the outpourings of generosity from neighbours and strangers – and from the biblical book of Tehilim (Psalms).

    Every day like clockwork, Fortis picks up a copy of Tehilim and recites two psalms, one for herself and one for her daughter. She chose Psalm 57 because it corresponds to her age; she chose Psalm 26 because Alicia “is 25 going into her 26th year.”

    Psalm 26:9-12: “Gather not my soul with sinners, nor my life with men of blood; in whose hands is craftiness, and their right hand is full of bribes. But as for me, I will walk in mine integrity; redeem me, and be gracious unto me. My foot standeth in an even place; in the congregations will I bless HaShem.”

    Psalm 57:2: “Be gracious unto me, O God, be gracious unto me, for in Thee hath my soul taken refuge; yea, in the shadow of Thy wings will I take refuge, until calamities be overpast.”

    The unexplained disappearance of her daughter from the family home on Aug. 16 has, she acknowledged, sorely tested her faith. “I ask, why did God do this to me? A friend of mine said, ‘God doesn’t punish. God is just there to help you get through the bad.’

    “I thought it so many times. Why? I don’t know why.”

    Despite her doubts, Fortis has found consolation in her faith and in the support of her community. On the second day of her disappearance, “Rabbi [Avraham] Plotkin’s wife [Goldie] from Chabad Lubavitch Markham came across the street. They put up a kosher mezuzah with me on my front door. We did it together… and we put a new mezuzah in Alicia’s bedroom. When things settled down, I found my late mother’s mezuzahs and put them in Alicia’s room.”

    The rebbitzin’s support hasn’t wavered. “Every Friday something [for the Sabbath table] comes from her. She’s a sweet, sweet woman.”

    Plotkin said she visited the Fortis home soon after the disappearance. “We brought a little bit of Jewishness into the picture and it helped.”

    She suggested the mezuzahs as the prayer they contain asks for God’s protection at home, during sleep, when you arise and when you are away.

    She also presented Fortis with a book, The Power of Hope, which she said outlined the Jewish view on coping in difficult situations.

    Plotkin is not alone in supporting the Fortis family. In the days immediately after Alicia’s disappearance, food packages began pouring in to their Thornhill home. “Everything was homemade,” Fortis said. “Everything had a note saying what family it came from, with their thoughts and prayers.

    “I have a huge basket filled with notes, cards and prayers.”

    Just a couple of weeks ago, “a massive homemade challah arrived from a family whose son went to school with Alicia.” The sandwich shop in the building where Alicia worked sent a platter of food. When they’re not sending food, many families across the city have sent their best wishes. TV reporters have told her the stations continue to receive e-mails about Alicia. A prayer on a card was placed for her daughter in the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

    “It’s very comforting that Jews all over the world [are sending their] prayers,” she said.

    “I take consolation in the fact that so many people care and are good people. I feel badly for people because they feel as helpless as me, and there is nothing to do but to wait for the phone call and hope.”

    In the midst of her anguish, Fortis has tried to restore some sense of normalcy. Although she retired from her 20-year career at Gowlings, a Canada-wide law firm, she continues to do contract work and a few weeks ago she completed a report on the regulatory aspects of environmental law, an area she specializes in. She found the experience therapeutic.

    Initially, she said, she couldn’t leave the house for more than an hour. “I got edgy,” she said.

    More recently, she played a round of golf and found that at least for the four hours on the course, “life was normal. But I know life will never be the same.”

    Fortis has drawn support from people who have also suffered tremendous loss. Coincidentally, she became friendly earlier this year with Linda Kimelman, whose daughter, Marnie, was killed by a terrorist bomb on a beach in Israel in July 1990. “She’s been extremely supportive,” Fortis said.

    She’s also been contacted by Priscilla de Villiers, whose daughter, Nina, was murdered in 1991 while jogging near Lake Ontario, and who founded a lobby group against violence.

    In the early days of Alicia’s disappearance, the Fortis family were assisted by crisis counsellor Larry Nusbaum.

    “He takes you to to place within yourself to find a feeling that for that time it takes away the bad and forces the good feelings within you to evolve and take over,” Fortis said.

    Although police have been investigating Alicia’s disappearance for more than a month, they have not announced any breakthroughs in the case. “It’s a slow, methodical process,” Fortis said.

    At this point, after so many difficult days, she is hoping for some sort of resolution.

    “You need closure,” she said. “Finding her is closure. God willing, she’s alive, but even if she’s not, it’s not right that she’s just out there. For me, closure means an end to this limbo existence. It’s horrible.”

    Closure doesn’t mean she’s given up hope that Alicia will be found alive.

    A member of the Gowlings firm in Calgary called Fortis to offer encouragement. “She said, ‘There’s no proof she’s alive, but there’s no proof she’s not alive. So you must not give up,’” Fortis recalled.

    This Rosh Hashanah, Fortis will attend services at Temple Har Zion, as she always does. And, as she always does, she will host a holiday dinner, but the thought of it without Alicia is difficult to imagine.

    “Usually we have a house of close to 40 people for Rosh Hashanah,” she said, wiping away tears. “I’m not doing it this year. Just our family.”


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    Body of missing Ont. woman Alicia Ross found

    Wed. Sep. 21 2005
    CTV.ca News Staff

    CTV News has learned that police have located the body of Alicia Ross in two separate areas northeast of Toronto.

    Remains were found in the Kawartha Lakes area as well as in Manilla, north of Port Perry.

    As well, one person is in custody in the case.

    According to reporters in the area, police have strung up a line of police tape around a house next door to the Ross family home.

    York Regional police Chief Armand La Barge plans to make an announcement about "a major development" in the case at a news conference at 2 p.m. ET.

    Ross, 25, vanished from her suburban Toronto home in mid-August without a trace. She was last seen just past midnight Aug. 17 by her boyfriend, Sean Hine, in the backyard of the Markham home she shares with her parents.

    Hine reported Ross missing the following morning after she failed to show up for work. Her car was still in her driveway and her purse and car keys were in the house.

    Police never considered Hine a suspect in the case.

    More than 1,000 volunteers helped investigators comb nearby wooded areas, ravines, creeks and streets in the weeks following Ross' disappearance, but the searches turned up no clues.

    Police said recently they had ruled out the possibility that Ross simply stepped away from her house or had some kind of accident, and said she more likely met with "foul play." They said they believed Ross was abducted by somebody she knew.

    Following the disappearance, police set up a 24-hour hotline to allow people to call in with any information. Police said they had received numerous tips and followed up on some of them by searching an area in the Haliburton area, northeast of the city.


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    oh no, i was scared i was going to read this. her poor poor family. at least they have such a large family to comfort each other.

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    Man charged in death of Ont. woman Alicia Ross
    CTV.ca News Staff

    Police believe they have located the body of Alicia Ross following the surrender of a man who has been charged with her murder.

    York Regional Police told reporters Wednesday that on Tuesday evening, a man turned himself into police along with his lawyer. Shortly after, police were able to recover human remains.

    "We believe the remains are those of Alicia Ross," Insp. Tom Carrique of York Region Police told reporters.

    Daniel Sylvester, 31, has been charged with second degree murder and will appear in court today, Carrique said. He refused to take any questions from reporters.
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    Thou shalt not lie. Exodus 20:16

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    Arrest made, remains recovered in Alicia Ross case

    Updated: Sep 21, 2005
    By CBCUnlocked

    Police have made an arrest in the murder of Alicia Ross, and they have discovered the remains of the 25-year-old woman in two areas north of Toronto.

    York Regional Police Chief Armand La Barge announced the arrest at a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

    A neighbour, 31-year old Daniel Sylvester, faces a charge of second-degree murder. He surrendered to police with his lawyer on Tuesday night.

    Sylvester appeared in court in nearby Newmarket on Wednesday.

    Remains were reportedly found in the Kawartha Lakes area as well as in Manilla, north of Port Perry.

    Ross disappeared from her home in a Toronto suburb on Aug. 17.

    On Wednesday morning, police cordoned off the street, including the neighbour's house.

    Ross lived in a basement apartment in her parents' home in Thornhill. She was last seen there after being dropped off by her boyfriend, Sean Hine.

    According to York police, Hine told them he left Alicia there around midnight and when he called her cellphone 15 minutes later, there was no answer.

    Police say he told them he called again early the next morning and still Alicia didn’t answer. It was Hine who eventually reported his girlfriend missing when he called 911 at 10 on the morning of Aug. 18.

    That morning, her blue Toyota Corolla was still parked in the driveway on Bronte Road. In her apartment, her mother has told newspapers, her daughter left behind her cellphone, her cigarettes and her wallet.


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    poor Alicia

    CTV news just reported that LE have found Alicia. A man surrendered to police. How tragic, how sad.

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    Angry Alicia's body has been found

    Sadly Alicia's body has been found. A sick $@*$%#^$ who lived next door to her..... so upsetting!


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    Eastern Canada

    Angry Sad to report Alicia's body has been found

    I am not sure if I post this here too...but wanted people to know...mods please move if not appropriate. Thanks. Some sick son of a b who lived next door to her confessed!


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