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    Mom says hug from Pluto sent her son to the hospital

    A Rancho Cucuamonga mom says that a hug from a Disneyland actor was so rough, she had to take the 8-year-old for emergency treatment.

    The boy was “tossed around like a rag doll” and suffered injuries to his back and neck after he embraced the costumed character, said Laurie Ramirez, who captured the incident on cellphone video.

    The woman’s son was transported to a hospital, where he “spent all afternoon in the emergency room,” she said.
    Ramirez claimed a Disney representative arrived at the hospital and offered to pay for treatment, but Disney would only confirm they are investigating.

    There's a video at the link, and it does look clumsy - the little boy looks like he got almost bent in half, backwards.

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    I agree 'twas a bit rough!

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