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    PA - Frederick Swillings, 24, robbed & murdered, Lawrence County, 1 May 2015

    Ryan Christopher Avery, W/M/24, & Melissa Sue Aponte, W/F/33,

    Kidnapping+ of Frederick Deangelo Swillings, B/M/24

    North Beaver Township, Lawrence County, is in Western, PA.

    Day 14

    Wed., May 13th: WPXI-TV :

    http://www.wpxi.com/news/news/local/...element/nmGHN/ :

    Your One-Click, per Defendant, Source* Of Lower Court:

    All ChargeS --- Bail --- Pre-Trial Confinement --- MotionS

    Scheduled Court DateS --- Advancement to Upper Court

    Lower Court Criminal Docket Sheets:

    https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/docket...R-0000201-2015 :

    https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/docket...R-0000202-2015 :

    Aggregated / Combined Charges Include:

    18 2501 A (F1) :: Criminal Homicide

    18 903 C (F1) :: Homicide Conspiracy

    18 2901 A2 (F1) :: Kidnapping

    18 903 C (F1) :: Kidnapping Conspiracy

    18 3701 A1i (F1) :: Armed Robbery

    18 903 C (F1) :: Robbery Conspiracy

    18 2702 A4 (F2) :: Aggravated Assault

    18 903 C (F1) :: Aggravated Assault Conspiracy

    Grades of PA Crimes:
    H1 = Heinous of 1st Degree; H2
    F1 = Felony of 1st Degree; F2; F3
    M1 = Misdemeanor of 1st Degree; M2; M3
    S = Summary

    *"Recent Entries made in the Court Filing Offices may not be
    immediately reflected on these Docket Sheets..."

    Historically, Most PA Charges Like These Are Closed-Out in Lower, Magisterial District Court,
    then Advanced, with a New Docket Number, to Upper Courts of Common Pleas.

    { When-issued Upper Court Docket NumberS should resemble: CP-37-CR-0000____-2015 }

    “Bump” For An Update...
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    Avery's Case now Self-Guided, having reached Upper Court of Common Pleas

    Ryan Avery, Homicide, Lawrence County, 1 May 2015

    Ryan Christopher Avery, W/M/24

    North Beaver Township, Lawrence County, is in Western, PA.


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    May 2017:

    Woman pleads guilty in North Beaver killing


    Melissa Sue Aponte, 35, one of four people arrested in the killing, pled guilty to third-degree murder and conspiracy to commit robbery on Thursday afternoon in the courtroom of Lawrence County Common Pleas Judge J. Craig Cox.

    The judge sentenced Aponte to a total of 7 1/2 to 15 years in a state correctional institution. She will be credited for two years already served in jail. Cox ruled that upon her release, the remainder of her sentence will be served on state-supervised parole. Other related charges against her in the case will be dismissed.
    Swilling's mother, Angela, who lives in Detroit, provided a written statement to the court that Minett read aloud in the courtroom.

    "Saddened to say, in that world, his life was viciously taken by his own peers whom he believed that he could trust just to get a ride home. It's really sad to say that not only did he pay to get a way home, but a ride straight to his death.

    After Swilling died, Melissa Aponte took his clothes and his hats and took smiling pictures in them and posted them on Facebook, she said in her statement. "What a mockery they made of him," his mother said. "Persons of this action surely knows that they have accomplished just what they set out to do. The whole nature of this crime showed me how hate feels."
    Dawn Marie Wallace, Ryan Christopher Avery and Ricardo Aponte Jr. are awaiting trial.





    Ricardo Aponte:


    Melissa Aponte:


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    From last month:

    Suspect pleads in North Beaver homicide

    Ricardo Aponte Jr. broke into tears as he stood before a judge Friday and apologized for the death of a man he took from his mother, his wife and his children.

    Then the shackled Aponte, 34, dressed in a lime-green jail jumpsuit, was taken out of the courtroom, destined for a state penitentary.

    After weeks of preparation by prosecuting and defense attorneys, a jury was to have been chosen Monday for Aponte's homicide trial in the Lawrence County Court of Common Pleas. However, Aponte agreed late Thursday afternoon to a guilty plea of one count of third-degree murder. Judge J. Craig Cox accepted the plea Friday and sentenced him to 16 1/2 to 40 years in a state correctional institution.
    The charges against Ryan Avery and Dawn Wallace are still pending.

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