Horacio Piombo and Benjamin Sal Llargues judged the case. (Twitter)

The judges reduced convicted child abuser Mario Tolosa's sentence from six years to three years and two months, ruling that because the six-year-old victim had previously been sexually abused by his father, he could not be a victim of aggravated sexual abuse a second time.
"We're in the hands of morons," said President Cristina Kirchner's cabinet chief Anibal Fernandez of the ruling, which triggered outrage when it was disclosed Monday.
The president of the Argentine Federation of LGBT, Esteban Paulon, called the ruling "incomprehensible."
"It re-victimizes the victim. Next thing you know they'll be saying the boy enjoyed it," he said.


Victim blaming still going on!!

These 2 judges are absolutely pathetic and dangerous! They don't have any empathy for the victim, a 6 yr old boy ffs!!! His father and Tolosa deserve to be behind bars for the rest of their lives!!
The judges should be impeached and sentenced to do community service work (cleaning the streets) so they get a dose of reality!!! JMO