More than 40 years after the nation's bloodiest prison rebellion, newly released documents contain accounts, some never before seen publicly, from National Guardsmen and a doctor who said they saw injured inmates beaten with clubs and others with wounds indicating they were tortured as state police and guards retook control of Attica.


Bell wrote to Lefkowitz and later sent a 160-page report to Gov. Hugh Carey, describing in detail what he believed was a failure to pursue justice and a cover-up. That led Carey to appoint the commission headed by Meyer, whom Carey would later name to New York's Court of Appeals, its highest court.

"The horror stories about what happened to various inmates are shocking, but it's also very familiar stuff," Bell said Thursday, citing an earlier commission's 1972 report, newspaper stories and many inmates' federal testimony.

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The PDF reports can be found on the NY Attorney General site, as follows:

volume 1: written: 1975 released: 1975
volume 2 & 3: written: 1975 released: 2015