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    Brazil - Todd, 39, & Michelle Staheli, 36, murdered in Rio, 30 Nov 2003

    Brazil Probes Brutal Murders

    Wife of slain oil executive succumbs to injuries in Brazil attack

    Rumors rampant as the FBI arrives in Brazil to investigate

    Brazil judge questions children of murdered US exec

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    Slain Couple's Children Must Remain in Brazil for Now

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    What on earth could have happened with this couple? Were the children home when this couple was murdered? If so, why can't the kids identify the murderers? Also, why were the kids unharmed? I'm confused...

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    Police in Brazil want the two older children of a murdered U.S. oil executive and his wife to participate in a crime scene walk-through Wednesday in which they reenact how they discovered the crime and what they did afterward. Their lawyer has vowed to resist the plan.

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    The lawyer for the family of a slain Utah Shell Oil executive and his wife Tuesday called the killings the work of professional assassins bent on sending a bloody message

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    Originally posted by Doyle
    The lawyer for the family of a slain Utah Shell Oil executive and his wife Tuesday called the killings the work of professional assassins bent on sending a bloody message
    That doesn't sound right to me. How many professional killers in an international hit show up with an ax and leave with one of the victims still alive? If they wanted to leave a shocking and bloody message, there are other ways to do it once the intended victims are dead.

    Nan, the children were all home, sleeping apparently, while the murders were done. The 10-year-old boy found the parents the next morning when their alarm went off and they did not wake up to turn it off.

    Supposedly, there was blood in the bedroom of the oldest daughter (that I think she shared with a younger sister, maybe not), and the girl said it was from when she went to get the 3-year-old who was sleeping in the parents' room. Sounds a little fishy to me.

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    Such a tragic story that sure does raise lots of questions. One of the articles mentioned police finding a letter from the 13 y.o to the mother re: family problems. I wonder what kind of family problems. She also was unhappy about not being able to continue her relationship with her US boyfriend. Seems odd to me that the 4 kids could sleep through their parents being bludgeoned to death w/o hearing a thing. Sounds kinda fishy to me. But the girls comments that her dad had received threatening phone calls could also be true. Glad to hear the feds will be involved in the investigation. One never knows the extent of corruption that goes on in those foreign countries. It could be a big cover up. Doyle, please keep us posted on any future updates.

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    The four children of an American oil executive and his wife who were murdered last month in Rio de Janeiro flew back to the United States overnight on Wednesday, heading back home to Utah.

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    The police are still trying to improve the quality of the video, with the objective of identifying a person who ran in the direction of the lagoon located in the back of Condominium Porto dos Cabritos. The person had returned at around 2h30m, the time closest to when the crime had occurred.

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    The Shell Oil executive and his wife slain in their home in Brazil were laid to rest Friday in Spanish Fork. Combined funeral services for Todd and Michelle Staheli were held at the Palmyra Stake Center.

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    From March 2006:


    It doesn't make sense that Jossiel Conceicao dos Santos killed Shell Oil executive Staheli, 39, and his wife, Michelle, 36, said Todd Staheli's father, Zera Staheli. He said he believes the killer - or killers - to still be out there.

    "The police had to close that case, and I think they found a way to do that," Zera Staheli said. Dos Santos' conviction "didn't put a closure on it for us at all," he said.

    In a ruling Friday, dos Santos was found guilty of killing the couple, said Luis Carlos Puglialli, a spokesman with Rio de Janeiro's justice department. The man was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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