For 10 years, private investigator Ray Michalko has been trying to solve British Columbia's infamous Highway of Tears cases — but nobody pays him to determine what may have happened to the murdered and missing women along that 800-kilometre stretch.RCMP say the route along Highway 16 that winds between Prince George and Prince Rupert is where at least 18 women have gone missing or been murdered since 1969. Seventeen of those cases remain unsolved.
"I'm disappointed that some of these cases haven't been solved," says Michalko, 67. "I'm stubborn. I'm not a quitter. And I like to help people."
Michalko was an RCMP officer, but left the force after nine years because he prefers to work alone.

"I remember once counting the number of side roads that a killer could drive off to dispose of a body in an hour, and there were a hundred — maybe more," Michalko says. "It's the perfect place to go missing forever."
Whenever he gets a chance, Michalko drives north from his home in Vancouver and follows his leads. Over the past decade, he estimates, he has put in a year of 40-hour weeks.