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    CA - Sighting by Bus Driver Leads to Rescue of Kidnapped Boy

    A bus driver in Milpitas, CA noticed a little boy on his bus matched the description of a 3-year-old who had been kidnapped earlier from the Milpitas Public Library.


    When the bus stopped at the Fremont BART station, police arrested 23-year-old Alfonso David Edington of Pittsburg.


    [The driver] created a ploy to stop the bus in Fremont, about 12 miles north from the library, at a bus station and walk the aisle under the guise of looking for a lost backpack, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
    I'm glad the bus driver was so alert and acted astutely. Edington (the kidnapper) is young, but not so young that it makes me wonder if he's done something like this before. Most likely started with child molesting. JMO
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    Thank God this driver was so caring and concerned. Way to go!

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    AMAZING work. I hope he gets lots of recognition so others will follow in his footsteps. What a HERO!
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    Here is a great article about the incident. The bus driver was unbelievable:


    At 10:41 a.m., Milpitas Police Department received a report of the missing child from the public library, at 160 N. Main St. Officers arrived within a minute of the call and searched the library, but could not locate the toddler.

    "The only thing we know is the child was with the mom in the public library in the children's area," Milpitas Police Chief Steve Pangelinan told the press outside the city's police station Friday afternoon. "She loses sight of the child momentarily and the child is nowhere to be found. She quickly notifies staff."

    Milpitas police later learned the child was seen walking with an African-American man approximately 25 years old and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and carrying a tan-colored backpack, prior to him being reported missing, police said.

    "The bus driver's a hero, an absolute hero," Pangelinan said. "And I credit the Valley (Transportation) Authority for receiving the information from us and quickly disseminating that to their drivers in the field; the bus driver was alert and quickly recognized this was a possibility to delay the departure of this individual until authorities were notified."

    The bus driver has been identified as Walter Watson, according to VTA spokesperson Brandi Childress. Watson was not immediately available.

    Childress said Watson has been a bus driver for VTA only since January, but handled the situation perfectly.
    “Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

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    It is so utterly awesome to hear of an astute and alert bus driver doing the right thing and acting in a way that resulted in a very happy ending. The boy's mother must have been so blessedly relieved after much fear and anguish.

    And with all the evil stuff we sadly hear about all too often, things could easily have become far more tragic were it not for this guy.

    As long as we have decent human beings like him in this world, who do the right thing under pressure, then evil will never triumph.

    Guy deserves a medal.

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