Alicia Ross, 25, was last seen about midnight Tuesday after being dropped off at the home she shared with her parents in the suburb north of Toronto. She was dropped off by her boyfriend.

"There are no leads," York Regional Police Inspector Thom Carrique told reporters.

He said the last person to see Ms. Ross was her boyfriend, but he described the man as valuable witness rather than a suspect. Police have spent some time talking with an ex-boyfriend as well as her present boyfriend.

"From our perspective, he is not a suspect," Inspector Carrique said.

"He is a witness that potentially has valuable information for us. As I mentioned, to our knowledge, he's the last person to have had contact with or seen Alicia before her disappearance."

He could not say what was said between the two at the time Ms. Ross was dropped off. He also said there was no indication that she had taken off on her own.

"We have no evidence in relation to her disappearance other than it is out of character for her, which causes concern," he said.

Earlier in the day, hundreds of friends, neighbours and strangers scoured the streets and parks of a suburb north of Toronto on Friday, hoping to find the woman.

On a TV interview, BF tearfully said how heart-broken that he was. He claimed that he and Alicia are very much in live, and showed pictures of them from a vacation that they went on together just last week.

This is sadly sounding all too familiar.