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    New forum for the Undentified Victims of Long Island Serial Killer(s)

    The UID threads in the LISK forum are now locked. Please use this forum instead to work on identifying the victims. As you can see, I've opened fresh threads for each victim, including the most pertinent details to help you get started.



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    Thanks for making these individual threads bessie, makes it much easier to understand given the numbers still unidentified.

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    Thank you Bessie for doing this


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    Bessie is amazing that's for sure

    Thank you everyone for your fantastic work. Keep it up.

    I have no doubt your hard work will pay off with identification of at least one if not more of the victims.

    Please donate atGoFundMe
    PayPal and Google Pay use the email websleuthsdonations@gmail.com
    If half the people who visit today gave $5 dollars we would never have to worry but please
    only donate if you can truly afford to do so
    Thank you

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    I just moved from N.C. to N.Y. I go every Sunday morning to Oak Beach. People bring old cars and stand around and chat. Any new news?

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    At about 52 minutes: Jane Doe Number Six, most perplexing, part of the remains found in Manorville. Dismembered, torso found in Manorville. Hands and head removed probably to avoid identification. At the time, found 19th of November 2000, most probably picked up on the street, not through the internet. Possibly more of a chance that she may have been picked up more in the Queens area or Queens Plaza. There may be a tattoo recovered that LE has yet to share, which may help ID her all these 16 years later.

    Rachel read the information she has about the unreleased tattoo.

    Josh asks why it hasn't been released.

    Todd Mathews encourages the idea, given the advances in data bases with images.

    Very different from the GB4, not picked up online through car pick ups, more like JR.

    Is there a specific thread for Jane Doe #6?

    Peter Brendt, at about an hour in, discusses the possibility around the mom and the toddler who were so intentionally set apart. This person may have had some kind of relationship with the toddler, who was wrapped and laid down with some care, while the mother seemed dumped, just cast there.

    Could the baby be the killers child? DNA test possible but very expensive, but LE there is very well endowed according to Josh, but seem reluctant according to Brendt. Discussion of scenarios of Asian male. See Mr. Brendt's profile on his site linked through the blog below.

    Other males remains or bodies found dumped in the area, according the Mr. Brendt a possible gamblers, related to other crimes.

    Adam31's question about why IP's not being traced? Josh explains that Johns use burner phones, check ads in libraries or otherwise untraceable IP's.

    LE response to Josh and Rachel? Originally, not speaking to anyone, there were political tug of wars, lots of press, so they eventually decided to just stay silent. More to come on this in episode 8.

    Any chance the LE would turn over a piece of cloth or clue, something for sleuthers to help identify. A blanket exists, Asian male's clothing exists, among other items that could possibly be assisted with.

    Maybe LE will be inspired to release an image of the tattoo on Jane Doe #6's ankle. Mr. Todd Mathews of NAMUS encourages this, points to their capacity to work effectively with LE if more information that exist is logged into their system, etc...


    Again, great show Tricia, Josh, Rachel, Mr. Mathews and Mr. Brendt. Very informative, for newbies like me. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort.


    (Very rough summary and paraphrases, some notes)
    my opinions only

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    I think if we can identify fire island Jane doe ( supposing she's the first victim) then we can find the long island serial killer. There's a chance he may have known this first victim.

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    I'm just throwing this out there as a possible theory as to the identities of the mother and toddler found on Long Island. I was thinking about the fact that the mother and toddler were recovered with bracelets and earrings. Has anyone thought that it is fairly unusual for a young toddler to wear earrings? Well, not if she is from an Irish travelling family. In the UK where I live,there are numerous Irish 'travellers' or 'gypsies' who move from one place to the next,sometimes living in caravans and other times houses. Is it possible the mother and daughter are descended from Irish immigrants? The hoop earrings give the game away to me. fairly unusual. I don't know if Irish travellers populate the US to the extent they do in the UK but this may be a different line of enquiry for the police to follow to possibly identify the victims. Might be one avenue they haven't thought of.

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