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    Classified Ads to help find the Missing

    Hello Everyone,

    In searching for Audrey I have come across thousands who are missing & with each one I find myself searching for ways to help.

    I have created a webpage that I hope to have linked to Audrey's site by week's end if not sooner.


    It is based upon a Classified Ad so to speak, where you can post information about a missing person, a photo & details of their disappearance along with any website they may have.

    Please visit the page. Post your missing loved one or send it to someone you know that has a missing loved one.

    I am not sure if it will help find them but I do know that it will help others to see them & bring them to that person's website to see how they can further help.

    I feel helpless in the search for others & I am trying to find ways to help. Please let me know what, if any feedback you may have on the idea.

    Thanks for the help & I hope you support the idea.

    Searching for Audrey...Marie

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    Link is up on Audrey's site. I hope that it helps others out there searching...

    Searching for audrey...Marie


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    Searching for Audrey, what a wonderful idea!

    I am so sorry this has had to come about because of the pain you feel in having a loved one missing. I hope your new page is extremely successful and helps you and others find those for whom they are searching.


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    Marie, YOU GO GIRL!

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    Thank you Elle & Mindy.

    It just seems to be so very hard to keep a missing persons story out there...I wanted to help & we are only allowed so much space with audrey's site. It takes alot of our disk space to post photos & such. I want to help & this option let's us help others.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence girls. I needed that.


    PS- I just got word that the site,
    will be posting Audrey's case for us!

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    Ya know, someone needs to find a way to get the stories to young people, the one's out and about in our communities the most. Maybe have a major musical act do a video or benefit or concert on MTV/VH1, with the info of these precious people showing, get them with the music the younger generation is into to. There's another project for you Marie, lol!!

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    Re: Classified Ads to help find the Missing

    You are awesome! God's blessings upon you!

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    My mind is always working...as if I need another project...lol...I am sure with all the help within this room & others we could some how work on that idea of yours! It really is something to think about. Already schemming in my my mind about it...

    As Misty says...there is a fine line...I can find find myself sometimes within that area!

    Thanks girls.

    PS. Working on a project you may have suggestions for...

    We have acquired the help of a very good retired detective/P.I. & he has been diligently working to help us with Audrey's case already. Unfortunately due to circumstance beyond my control...there are no funds to help pay him. I have been able to give gas money once & buy him a cup of coffe but I cannot afford to put more towards it as I have spent so much up to now that I have to look to others for help. I am hoping to set up a seperate fund, like an investigation help fund. Any thoughts on it?
    Be glad of the help & any feedback on whether or not you as an outsider would be willing to donate & what if anything would help me gain the interest of others to do so?

    Searching for Audrey...Marie

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    Searching for Audrey,
    Although I've never posted on this thread I wanted you to know Audrey is in my prayers, I hope she is found soon.
    Your website was a great idea. Maybe you can help bring more missing home. Prayers are with you.

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    Thank you. It has been hard & in helping to post others missing I feel useful in a small way. It is needed by so many...

    This Christmas, I wish for only one gift..

    The gift of a safe return home for all of our loved ones lost.

    God Bless & have a joyous holiday season.

    Please visit & sign Audrey's guestbook this holiday season to send prayers for her family & friends...


    Searching for Audrey...Marie

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    SearchingforAudrey- This site is going to be moved in a few weeks. (Just to a different server) After it's moved, I could do a donation drive for your site. Would that help?

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    God Bless you & thank you! Yes, please do what you can for Audrey. We need all the help we can get. Please e-mail me with the particulars of the site move & the donation drive idea.

    parkersbigblue@aol.com -please put Audrey's name in the subject.

    You have brightened my day River, Hugs to you-

    Searching for Audrey...Marie

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    Searching for Audrey...I was just reading the site about Audrey's disappearance and saw the clip with Sylvia...did any more information turn up after the show? Did anyone find anything about this road Sylvia mentioned?

    Prayers for Audrey and her loved ones.

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