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    FL - Reynaldo Rapalo, 'Shenandoah Rapist', Miami, 2002-2003

    A serial rapist has been linked to eight sexual assaults, including three on young girls, in a neighborhood just a few miles from one that was terrorized by another serial rapist this summer, police said.

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    FL - Reynaldo Rapalo charged with serial rapes, Miami, 2003

    Rapalo was awaiting trial after being arrested in 2003. He was charged with raping seven people, ages 11 to 79, and attempting to attack four others. If convicted, he could get life in prison.

    He climbed through a vent in the 7-foot ceiling of his single-man cell on the sixth floor and made it to the roof on that level, jail spokeswoman Janelle Hall said. The building has roofs at different levels, and Rapalo used sheets to climb down each one, authorities said.

    The vent was supposed to be locked, but its door had been pried off. Bars blocking the vent's opening to the roof were cut, officials said.

    picture and more info at link:

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    From October 2006:


    A man charged with a string of sexual assaults got five consecutive life prison sentences without the chance of parole Thursday for raping an 11-year-old girl three years ago.

    Reynaldo E. Rapalo, 35, is accused of raping seven women and girls in 2002 and 2003 in two Miami neighborhoods, but has been tried so far only for the June 2003 attack on the 11-year-old. He was convicted in August on several counts, including sexual battery, molestation and kidnapping.

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