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    Hi everyone! New here so I might've missed it if someone brought it up...Are there maybe offices or something near Penn Station that the man who called Melissa's little sister could have been at? If the calls were early in the evening most people go home around that time so it would be more private than actually calling from Penn Station/Times Sq. If he was somewhere private like an office or an apartment above that area so the phone would've been able to be traced there but away from anyone who could've heard and out of sight of any cameras. I haven't finished reading this whole thread yet so maybe it was already brought up.

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    I think he has to be on camera somewhere during the calls. I truly believe they know who this guy is but considering itís a homicide case they canít prove beyond reasonable doubt. I also believe the killer is someone that is in a high position in society and exposing him would expose a lot and people in power may not want that. Now as far as getting these girls to go with him with out phones I think he only got two or three to do that. The risk is part of his mo, so these girls know who he is and have every reason to believe he needs to keep his identity privet. I also wonder if he even picks them up or had a accomplice pick them up. A similar case that people on here mentioned may have to do with lisk was with a transgender from East New York a witness said he was picked up in a nice car but by a Hispanic man, sounds very similar to the case but the killer could pay a illegal to go pick someone up they wouldnít think twice.

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