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    Hey Danse Macabre, I grew up and spent the majority of my life in Albuquerque. My knowledge of Montoya was always that he was shot inside of his trailer after killing Shericka Hill. I'll dig around and see what I can find. I've always remained hopeful that this case will be solved!

    Quote Originally Posted by Danse_Macabre View Post
    Hello everyone,

    I have a research question I'd like some help with. Anyone game?

    As we know, West Mesa suspect Lorenzo Montoya was shot and killed in December of 2006. Almost all of the stories I've read say that Montoya was found dragging prostitute Shericka Hill towards his car (some stories say he was stuffing her into the trunk) when he was discovered and shot in the leg by Fredrick Williams (her pimp) and died of his injuries.

    Here's an example:

    However, an article published the day after the incident states that Williams shot at Montoya outside of his trailer because Montoya also had a gun and Williams felt "threatened". Williams then went inside the trailer and found Hill dead.


    What I'm looking for is something that shows me where the story changes from what was reported in the article from 2006 to the version we're more familiar with. Was Hill inside or outside? Was Montoya dragging her toward his vehicle when Williams approached him, or was he outside his trailer without the body when Williams arrived on the scene?

    If anyone can point me to something that helps clarify this, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    I think he could be the guy. There were tire tracks leading from his trailer to the dump site. Then he strangled a girl in his trailer. With there being 12 victims the murderer would need to continue on. Chances are the sicko loved to kill and would have continued. He would either need to be in prison like Blea or dead like Montoya.

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    You guys are all on the money, Lorenzo Montoya was definitely the West Mesa killer and its kind of a shame he'll never be brought to justice but at least hes dead and the streets are a little safer. Nothings 100% but after our many raids and inviews with detective Ida Lopez im fairly confident it was him.

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    the silly claim on "The Killing Season: Episode 7"

    On episode 7 of "The Killing Season", Peter Brendt, the chain-smoking German 'expert' the filmmakers often return to for profiling, made a bizarre claim that showed his lack of expertise about Lorenzo Montoya, when desperately trying to prove Montoya wasn't the West Mesa Killer. He said:
    "Whenever, in the last 500 years, has someone ever encountered a serial killer who built a cluster dumpsite two miles away from his home? The record holder is still Ted Bundy, 120 miles."
    Has he never heard of John Wayne Gacy? 26 bodies in the bloody crawlspace of his own home? Brendt would probably try to argue that is somehow different to fit whatever sensationalist story he wants to push, but in reality anyone with half a clue about serial killers knew that was a false claim immediately. Very poor. Montoya remains a highly probable suspect in the West Mesa case.

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    Dear Websleuths Members,


    If you have ever used the blogs on Websleuths and you want to keep what you wrote you will need to copy your blog posts ASAP. When we move to our new software the blog posts will not transfer over. I'm very sorry but there is nothing we can do. We tried but alas, you will lose your blog posts if you do not save them before we move.

    Monday, May 21st at around 7:00 AM Eastern Websleuths will go down for hopefully no more than 48 hours. When we come back up, Websleuths will have a brand new look!

    You can discuss the move RIGHT HERE if you like.


    Thank you,

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