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    Albuquerque group launches effort to break ‘West Mesa Murders’ case
    ALBUQUERQUE – An Albuquerque nonprofit group is launching a campaign aimed at helping police solve the 2009 West Mesa serial killings.

    KRQE-TV in Albuquerque, New Mexico, reports Street Safe New Mexico plans to rent four billboards around the city in hopes the ads will lead to a break in the cold case.

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    Today is the 9 year anniversary of the west Mesa killings. . . Isn't it sad that the Albuquerque police department has just ' dismissed ' the killings of these women? They promised to display billboards to help catch the killer or killers. But have done nothing. . . Could it be the work of the police?

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    No help in catching the West Mesa Killer

    It was promised back in 2006, but nothing has been done . . .

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    I think this should be re-named. It's confusing because there is a place - MESA, AZ - that I actually thought the discussion was about.

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    The man once in charge of the investigation is now the Albuquerque Police Chief. Thursday, he sat down with KRQE News 13 and named a couple of names.

    In February it will be nine years since the first bones were discovered on the West Mesa. Thursday, KRQE News 13 asked Chief Michael Geier about some specific people, and how badly the Albuquerque Police Department wants to be able to say, "case closed."


    Now that he's back with the department, the chief said it's his goal to help solve the case, and bring closure to the families.

    "We just want them to know we haven't forgotten them," Geier said. "I think in the back of everyone's mind is if we can win this one, that would be the biggest victory for this city."

    Link: krqe

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