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    Australia - Victoria Cullen, 39, brutally murdered, Sydney, 22 Jan 2014

    Sydney husband who stabbed wife to death in jealous rage example of ‘prevalent violence against women’: Court

    A Sydney man jailed for a maximum of 30 years for stabbing his estranged wife to death with fishing knives is “another example of the extremely prevalent violence perpetuated by men” against women, a judge has told a court.
    Christopher Cullen, 51, was found guilty last month of murdering Victoria Comrie Cullen, after a jury rejected his claim he acted in self-defence.


    I've been following this trial in the news. I cried when I read the judge has sentenced Cullen to at least 22 yrs jail, I'm so happy the jury didn't buy his ridiculous story! My heart aches for her family, and hearing the details of what Victoria went through at the hands of this man! I hope he rots in jail, literally!

    RIP Victoria - Justice served today! The Judge and Jury didn't let you down.

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    ...“The death of the deceased is another example of the extremely prevalent violence perpetrated by men in our society towards women to whom they are married or with whom they share a relationship of domestic intimacy,” Justice Harrison said.
    “This malignant cycle of domestic violence is given publicity and media attention without corresponding or equivalent success in its prevention.”...
    Justice Harrison said the murder was “inexcusable”, “unjustified” and “unfair”.

    Been following this one too Prime. Justice was delivered today. The judge and jury spoke for all of us.
    Thank you Justice Harrison.

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