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    Cheetahs turn tables on safari tourists

    A vehicle full of tourists on safari in Kenya got up closer than they bargained for, when they stopped to observe some cheetahs. The cheetahs observed them right back. Especially Irish tourist Mickey McCaldin, who one cheetah seemed to take a real liking to.

    I'm just amazed guides allow them to get that close. Maybe they're cubs?

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    I believe I read somewhere that cheetahs pose little threat to humans. I have seen several websites stating that humans are a threat to cheetahs and are responsible for their declining population. But, ancient Egyptians kept cheetahs as pets:


    They appear to be much more docile than other large cats (e.g., lions, tigers). With this in mind, I think that safari would be an awesome experience.
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    wow, that would be dream come true for me

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    I donno, you see the hairs standing up on that cheetahs neck?

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