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    Angry Utah,Woman Learns the Man who Stalked Her for a Decade was Her Husband!

    Mother who was stalked and threatened with sexual assault for ten years learns the emails were sent by her HUSBAND

    A woman from Linden, Utah has been receiving emails threatening her with assault and rape since 2006.
    She finally notified police who after an investigation revealed that her husband had been sending the emails.
    The husband admitted to sending the emails, claiming he was jealous over an affair his wife had 10 years prior.
    The mother of three had now separated from her husband and has an order of protection.
    The husband is facing 10 counts of stalking.


    What a cowardly, sick bastard! I'd question whether his wife even had an affair! And if she did and he can't forgive her, divorce!!
    It was just another form of control and abuse. He enjoyed witnessing her fear and distress without having to imagine it, a stalkers wet dream. JMO

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    I wonder how many stalking cases are like that. I suspect many stalkers are injustice collectors like you see with spree killers, woman who kill, or bullies.

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    My first fiance stalked me like this, back in the days before emails and cell phones. They were perverted phone calls in the middle of the night, the person knowing where I had been, etc. I was very young...late teens. He would then try to make me feel better....be a protector. After we broke up, because he was abusive, he just outright stalked me. I didn't feel safe until he died in 2007.

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    Classic Passive-aggressive personality disorder - a very common trait among stalkers. To her face/on the surface, her forgave her, but not really...

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