A gory scene staged for a low-budget horror movie proved a little too realistic for police.

When officers were called to the Dayton's Bluff neighborhood to investigate a possible shooting Sunday night, they found a parked car with what looked like brain matter and blood on the front seat, dashboard and windows - but no victim.

Police began knocking on doors until they found Lance Hendrickson, the car's owner, who was just fine.

Hendrickson began filming his first feature-length movie, "Summer School," with two friends in June. In one scene, a character is shot in the head.

The filmmakers depicted it by shooting a cantaloupe filled with liquid latex and stage blood through the car's window with a 16-gauge shotgun, Hendrickson said.

"We were happy that it looked real and a little worried that it was freaking out our neighbors," said Hendrickson, who hopes to premiere the film next year.