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    'Shortest marriage in history' just too much champagne, not soccer row

    24-year-old British bride Hannah Booth caused consternation when she was snapped in her bridal gown on a metro train in London, alone and apparently weeping. As it was circulated on social media, her marriage was dubbed 'the shortest in history' and she was named 'the Stamford Bridge Bride'.

    That title came about as Hannah had been pictured smiling happily just a short while before, at the Stamford Bridge stadium, home to soccer team Chelsea, who were playing Liverpool. She and the groom, Christian Booth, had been offered free tickets to the game, provided they attended in their wedding outfits.

    With Christian supporting Chelsea and Hannah supporting Liverpool, there were fears the wedding gift had ended in tears. The happy truth has been revealed now though. Hannah was treated to far too much champagne and over-indulged. She just felt a little queasy on the train ride home, and Christian was right there with her, just out of the frame.

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