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    Canada - Brantford, Ont, 'Baby Parker' Male Newborn 2673UMON, Jul'05

    I just heard about this tragic case. A newborn was found deceased in a remote part of Brantford and investigators are still trying to figure out who he is and who abandoned him. They actually received a letter from someone claiming to be the mother and she said that she will try to muster up the courage to identify herself. She never contacted again and ten years later, this mystery is still unsolved.

    Doe Network

    Unidentified Male

    Date of Discovery: July 28, 2005
    Location of Discovery: Brantford, Brant County, Ontario
    Estimated Date of Death: 2005
    State of Remains: Unknown
    Cause of Death: Not released

    Physical Description

    ** Listed information is approximate

    Estimated Age: Newborn
    Race: White/Native
    Gender: Male
    Height: Unknown
    Weight: Unknown
    Hair Color: Unknown
    Eye Color: Unknown
    Distinguishing Marks/Features: Unknown
    Dentals: Not available.
    Fingerprints: Not available.
    DNA: Available.

    Clothing & Personal Items

    Clothing: None.
    Jewelry: None.
    Additional Personal Items: The towel containing the infant's remains was a beige Select Editions towel (100% cotton, made by Cambridge Company, and with a tag "Sea Same" which may be the designer color name) sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. It was 2' x 4' in size and in good condition.

    Case History

    A woman walking her dog found a full-term newborn male infant wrapped in a towel in some brush by abandoned railway tracks in a remote area of Brantford near Parkside Drive and Dufferin Avenue.

    The infant was born alive and police have not revealed the cause of death. A week after the baby was found, police received a hand-written letter from someone claiming to be the mother. She said she went into labour while partying in the area, and that she would be in further contact. However, police did not hear from her again.

    The letter was sent for hand-writing analysis. A DNA profile has established that both the mother and father of the baby can be identified. The infant was about 89 per cent European and 11 per cent native and both parents would be Caucasian in appearance.

    The infant was dubbed "Baby Parker" due to the location where he was found. Baby Parker was buried in the children's section of the Mount Hope Cemetery in Brantford.

    Mystery endures over newborn baby found dead 10 years ago in Brantford

    Police are hoping that since the incident happened so long ago, the people who had been partying in the park might now come forward with more information.

    The letter says the woman and her friend had to dispose with the afterbirth and coupled with the discovery of a bloody rag near a local home days later, the two likely would have returned to the party with blood on them, police say.

    "If you were with a group of youths in any of the parks or local hang out spots several days prior to the discovery of the lifeless infant's body please come forward," a police statement reads. "You may hold key information without realizing the importance."

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    How heartbreaking! This poor poor baby. I hope they're able to figure out who is mother or father is soon.

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    11 years later, police still trying to ID dead infant found in Ontario park


    Eleven years after a woman in Brantford, Ont. came across the body of a dead baby, police are still trying to identify the infant.

    Investigators eventually released excerpts of a letter written by someone claiming to be Baby Parker's mother. The full letter was released last year.

    The letter writer said she had sex with other teens in the neighbourhood and got pregnant from one of the encounters. She wrote that she went into labour while in Lansdowne Park, with a friend helping her give birth. She said her friend told her the baby was dead when it was born, leading them to dispose of the body in the park.

    She begged police not to seek DNA samples from any of the boys in the neighbourhood in an effort to spare the father of the baby from discovering what had happened.

    The letter writer also promised to turn herself into police within a week. That was 11 years ago and police say no one has yet come forward.
    Brantford Police Const. Laura Collier says police have now been able to identify fingerprints from the letter, but have yet to match that or DNA samples to anyone.

    "Which indicates to us that the mother had no involvement and has had no involvement in the criminal justice system either before the birth or since that time," Collier told CTV Kitchener.

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