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    My letter is sent. As another writer suggested I too mentioned that of course he has been good in prison there are no children there to molest. His history is one of deceit and laziness. He feels he can get away with things as in the past. Please don't grant him parole>

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    Email Sent

    Here is what I sent (I thought they wouldn't pay attention if it was too long!)

    To the Parole Board,

    I have much to say to try to convince you that parole should not be granted to Mr. Brunsetter, but I think a quote from her mother might be the strongest argument:

    "Her sentence has ALREADY been 15 years, and there is no end in sight. Why does this man get to walk away from the wreckage he caused (after just 7 years) if he gets paroled, when she can't?"

    We MUST be the advocates for children. We will never move forward as a society with a broken and damaged future that sees no hope for justice. This man is no human; he has chosen to victimize the weakest among us. Until we can give his victim one day of peace for every two days she lives with what he did to her, the scales are not balanced. This is your chance to put your weight to use for her. For all of our children. For all of us.

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    I hope I am doing this right. It is my first post. Here is what I wrote ina an email to the Parole Board earlier this afternoon. Pardon its length!
    Please deny parole to Donald Scott Brunstetter. His hearing is to be held tomorrow, July 30, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. He was convicted on, and subsequently admitted to, many counts of child sexual abuse. Although the combined sentences equaled 55 years, Mr. Brunstetter's sentence was reduced such that he is only required to serve 10 years provided he causes no trouble in jail.

    He has served only 7 years and for reasons not apparent to any sane, decent human being, he is up for parole.

    Meantime, any of his victims are serving a life sentence: They will never be paroled from the horror of the abuse they suffered, or the practical consequences of that abuse measured in the inability to succeed in either education or in the workplace, much less in an intimate relationship with another human being.

    I am appalled that my home State of Maryland would even consider allowing this monster to walk out of prison after serving this tiny fraction of his already inadequate sentence.

    As you know, most child molesters do not stop abusing children. For the sake of the children of Maryland, please deny parole. Indeed, if anything, the sentence ought to be increased to the 55 years that the crimes required.

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    I did elaborate what my child has been through. I also stated there is no cure for people like him and any monster pedophile should never be released to inflict the kind of damage he has done quite likely to many children. Praying that another testimony like those that suffered at his hands will deter his release.
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    okay I just sent a letter about 15 minutes ago. I hope that it keeps Mr. Brunstetter behind bars for his full sentence. It is just a shame that he was not sentenced for the whole original time. I think that those who live in Maryland should consider voting the Judge out of office if he can be voted out of office. This young women may never recovered sufficiently to live her life free from this burden caused by this POS

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    Any updates on this??!??
    'Every life has a measure of sorrow, and sometimes this is what awakens us.' - Steven Tyler

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    Check out the link to the case in Lisa B's first post on this thread. Looks like she (and we) were SUCCESSFUL in convincing the parole board to DENY PAROLE! Apparently, his belligerent actions helped.

    CONGRATULATIONS Lisa B and Lauren!

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