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    Officer Responding to Domestic Disturbance Call Rescues Dog

    Says Officer Kendra Drucker: “I went into the house where the dog was staying, and there was just an infestation of cockroaches and critters in the house. The dog you could just clearly see wanted attention,” she said. “It followed me around the whole entire park while I was walking around. He was very friendly when you approached him; he just wanted attention, and that was basically what I wanted to do.”

    Another resident in the trailer park offered to take Smokey in. “Her trailer was in very good, clean condition and she wanted to take the dog, but she couldn’t afford to buy food for the month,” said Officer Drucker. “I told her not to worry about it that I would get her all the food and stuff that the dog needs if she could take the dog.”

    "Drucker went to a local store and made sure Smokey was set up with everything he’d need. She got food and treats, flea medications and everything else a dog like Smokey would need."

    "Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk."
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    Officer Kendra Drucker has a heart of gold. Poor little Smokey now has a good home where he is loved and looked after.

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    that's great but I have to be debbie downer ... if someone can't afford food for the month, how are they going to afford the necessary vet care costs & future food?

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