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    Ozzy the cross-eyed cat is home. Again

    Ian and Evelyn McDougall couldn't resist adopting rescue kitten Ozzy - his crossed eyes from falling from a window as a kitten, reminded them of a hypnotized Baghera from Disney's Jungle Book.

    Trouble is, Ozzy likes venturing out in Perth, Scotland but can never find his way home because of his sight problems. He did it once but only got a short way down the street before he came to a dead stop, lost.

    Last month, he sneaked out once again and the McDougall's thought they'd lost him. Until they saw a post from the local animal protection society, saying they'd found a cross-eyed cat under a parked car, refusing to come out.

    Ozzy's home now, recovering from some minor injuries he sustained and has started sleeping in his owner's bed; they think it's for security after his ordeal.


    ETA: Look at that paw. I think he's trying to test the distance of how far away the light from the camera is.
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    What an adorable picture though. I hope Ozzy stays closer to home now.
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    Hopefully he's learned his lesson! I wouldn't be able to resist that face either.

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    he's so cute! b they might need to get him microchipped if he sneaks out on them

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