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    MI - Julia Fulgenzi, 32, River Rouge, 28 Jan 1998

    Age last seen: 32
    Age now: 49
    Race: White female
    Hair color: Brown
    Eyes Color: Hazel
    Height: 65.0
    Weight: 140.0
    Scars and Marks: Nothing

    No photos disponible

    Julia Lynn Fulgenzi was last seen on January 28, 1998 in River Rouge, Michigan.

    Anyone that has seen or may know the whereabouts of Fulgenzi is asked to contact River Rouge Police Department.
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    There seems remarkably little about her to be found. I am fairly sure Fulgenzi is her married name and that she was Julia Lynn Lohr who married Paul David Fulgenzi in Florida in June 1996. Julia Lynn Lohr was born 2 November 1965 in Norfolk, Virginia so the age is correct. Paul David Fulgenzi has past addresses in both Florida and Cleveland Ohio, so Michigan is not as unlikely as may seem from a Florida marriage. However, Paul Fulgenzi (who was born in Ohio) died in Florida in September 1997, so if this match is correct Julia was a young and recent widow when she disappeared. This raises the obvious questions of whether she simply chose to leave her old life behind due to the trauma of losing her husband or may she have reacted more rashly? It also would be useful to know why she had moved to Michigan so soon after being widowed and who reported her missing. Someone seems keen to find her as DNA/dental and fingerprints are available - yet there seems no publicity to further the search. Very odd.

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    It was about 2 years later that serial killer John Eric Armstrong was caught after dumping a body into the Rouge River (though not in River Rouge). In 1998 he had not yet been discharged from the navy, but it would be worth looking at whether he had shore leave at that time.

    Most of Armstrong's victims were prostitutes, so if he killed a non-prostitute, I can see him not confessing to that particular crime even though he had confessed to other murders.

    Still, with nothing else to go on, my first guess would be suicide due to her apparently having been widowed not too long before her disappearance. If the police also suspected suicide, that would explain why there wasn't much of an effort to locate her.

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    Estimated age: 30-45
    Approximate Height: 66 estimate.

    Approximate Weight: 142 estimate
    Hair Color: Brown; Long and brown with a few gray streaks
    Eye Color: hazel

    Ehy Alb1on look this UID: the physical data seem to correspond; assume she was depressed may really be that she has indulged in alcohol abuse.

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