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    One thing that might be very helpful is that Albuquerque just seated a brand new mayor Tim Keller and the former Chief of Police Eden has "retired." Keller is very concerned about the crime and his first day named an interim police chief. Here is the shakeup APD is NOT happy they are about to go through. http://www.tk4abq.com/safeabq The new police chief did work on the West Mesa Killer Case, and I think in these first days of the administration, he would be open to talking. Also, Hector Balderas, our Attorney General is fantastic and has been very open in talking to people about what he can.

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    I used to work in New Mexico doing social work with women and had a client who believe she escaped from the West Mesa Killer. I remember when she came in for intake and shared the story. Very traumatizing for her and the story she shared was frightening.

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