The morning of 17 fridays January 2003 to Pianlungo, a fraction of Castel Viscardo (Terni, Italy), is found again the body of a man hanged person to a tree with a hollow electrical worker around the neck, under one of the pylons of the railway line. It was lacking in documents, it had with himself only a wristwatch with strap in skin brown and erases in gold with the written “Orient express”. The man, of the appearing age of 70 - 75 years, was high approximately a meter and eighty centimeters, of thin physique, almost bald with little hair grays. He was dressed in elegant and cured way with a black jacket, a white shirt, pants dark gray, a dark Benetton sweater green, black ankle boots, a coat marks They Flat of color anthracite with town-walls, a grey scarf and a blue cap.

The Lieutenant of the Police officers of Orvieto, Vincenzo Marzo, has emphasized: “The thing that it has hit to us quickly has been that the man rested down-to-earth. But it could be explained with the same weight of the man, that is that the cable has yielded under its weight. Or launch itself in the empty one it has oscillated for two or three times in order then to stop itself on the scoscendimento of earth near the tree. Searching carefully we have found a can of tea, own near the man and to approximately thirty meters an empty cigarette package and a lighter”. The Captain of the Police officers of Orvieto Stefano Ranalletta has reported that: “The autopsy has confirmed the dead women for asphyxia from hanging. Not lesion had some sign of violence neither. In document lack we have supplied to find the fingerprints and to compare them with those available ones near our data bank, but for the moment not it has been some positive reply. The dresses are all of good invoice and brand. The relative data to the set of teeth is important, since quickly has some rather expensive participations and many taking care of”.

The man was noticed in the afternoon of 16 January to the station of Allerona, from the station master, Claudio Martelloni, that he has told: “To the departure of the coming from Roma Termini and directed train to Florence, at the bottom of the sidewalk of railroad two, I have noticed a gentleman. She is not a person who habitually takes the train from the station of Allerona. It was not in confusionale state, me has seemed a person much calm one. It did not have baggage. It has exited from the station and one has started walking towards the inhabited center”. In this event there are some strangeness, like has emphasized the Substitute Prosecuting attorney Carlo Dibello: “Recovery of branch of wood on the ear a left of this person and the circumstance that is not found again some of identification document, neither money, in some measure does not afford to exclude us hypothesis alternatives to the suicide”. The enquirers hope to receive signallings that they contribute to giving an identity to this person.

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