A corpse of a woman, lacking in the head and the legs is found in a field in via Ardeatina, to the height of via of Porta Medaglia, a peripheral zone to south of Rome beyond Major beltway, in the area comprised between Trigoria and the airport of Ciampino. The body, in advanced state of decomposition, has been marked to the police little minutes before the 13 from passing. According to how much reconstructed one from the police, the absence of traces of blood on the place would make to consider that the person which the remainders belong could be maimed and killed elsewhere and successively capacity in the field. The which maimed body has both the open arms and some nails of the enameled hands. It wears a black jacket and a clear T-shirt.

The remainders probably belong to a woman, died from a week for a stab to the back and then which maimed. The fingerprints do not correspond to nobody of those archived item ones from the police. The little sure elements are that the woman era of white race, had a ring of steel to a finger of the right hand and enameled nails. It is found again with the opened arms, a hand had the palm turned towards the high. It wore a grey T-shirt and a black jacket, in an internal pocket of which there was a lighter. The remainders would have been in the field from not more than 48 hours. According to the investigators the woman would be maimed and kill elsewhere: on the place of recovery not there are obvious traces of blood. From the body, cut to the height of the basin, the main organs, heart, lungs and intestine would be removed with cure. The log would be pierced with a wire rope for being able to transport it like a suitcase. A job from butcher, executed with the surgical precision of a “sadistic professional”. The victim is maimed with an electric saw, also the sex totally is torn, while the breasts are not removed. According to the first analyses, it could be be a matter of the European body of age comprised between the 20 and 40 years. Its physicist, according to the experts, would be “normolineo”. They while continue the examinations, in particular on the hands of the victim, that they were stained with blood, in order to find traces of the assassin, like the presence of hair. The results on the withdrawals of money of the DNA will be available single between some week. Waiting for the results of the carried out autopsy 9 March to the forensic medicine Institute de the Wisdom, the Public Prosecutor Francesco Caporale has arranged a series of assessments, between which a inspection deepened in the zone in which the corpse is found. By the first autoptici examinations one to the back and two to the abdomen is emerged that the woman is hit with three stabs, and could have tried to defend itself, seen the presence of some wounds on the arms. Withdrawals of money under nails of the hands are carried out in order to look for traces that they can lead back to the DNA of the assassin. Sul body is carried out also the toxicological examinations. The legal doctor has established that the woman is killed two, three days before recovery, therefore during the first weekend of March. The cell phone found near the body is not useful to the investigations: it was of a cyclist who had lost it. According to a witness a blue Bmw dark would be passed many times over on the feature of road near the place of recovery.

She was a woman of clear complexion, probably European, that it had between the 20 and 35 years, with a medium and high physique between 1,71 and 1,79 centimeters. It had the hair long, but dyed blondes and of red. In order to trace the anthropometric data the investigators have been based on the structure and the length of the forearm of the victim. The woman was also a smoker and, to how much she seems, she had not assumed drugs in the hours precedence to its dead women. The corpse, at the moment of recovery, wore a black T-shirt to long sleeves, a vest color 'sugar paper' with buttons details and a black jacket on which there é writing that it is not specified by the investigators. The woman inside had a ring to belt of argentio friendly right with written “EDNA” and “925”. She had nails decorated with a red enamel and of the drops gray silver, aligned in diagonal like in number 3 of the dices. In the body would up to now not be found traces of another DNA.

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