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    Sydney couple wake to find naked stranger in their bed

    Katie and Chris, a Sydney, Australia couple had tucked up for the night last weekend and were sound asleep when Katie was awoken by the sense of body heat next to her. As it was coming from the opposite side from where her husband was sleeping, she was understandably startled:

    So Chris is on one side, I'm in the middle, and then our stranger on the end right in with us," Katie said.

    "I could feel heat, the sense that someone was there."
    The stranger, who was naked, turned out to be an Irish tourist who appeared to be under the influence of something. Even after he was forced to pick up his clothes and leave the house, he climbed back in an open window before police arrived. Once they did, the suspect began to have convulsions that police say were probably substance-related and had to be rushed to hospital.

    Police were investigating but said the tourist was due to return to Ireland this week.

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