Office of the Marine Frontier of Livorno has asked the collaboration for “Who has seen it” in order to try to resolve the case of the corpse of a man, found again in sea the 19 July 1998, to approximately 6 miles from the island of Capraia (Livorno). Recovery has happened after a signalling left from a French yacht whose passengers were going around of from Tuscany archipelago. It would be be a matter of a young person, whose somatic features and the physical characteristics would make to think to a person of the Italy north or the Europe north: height 1,80, sturdy physique.

The experts of the field of Criminal laboratory department of the Police headquarters of Florence have realized an identikit of the face of the disowned one: nose short turned upwards, a dimple in the part lowland of I lie, hair between the blond and the brown one clearly, brown eyes.

The conditions of the body were altogether good in connection with the permanence in water, not more than 7 or 10 days, also because any sign of eventual aggressions from the marine fauna lacked.

The examinations, executed from the medicine section forensic of the University of Pisa, have assessed that not there are poisoning or violence traces. Therefore the cause of died more probable would be the drowning.

The useful elements for the identification are not many. During the connection live with the Vice added quaestor Mario Acconci and inspector Ilario Santori of the office marine Frontier are shown:

a wedding ring to the right ring finger of the weight of 27 gr., measure the 27, with two rabbets long edges, an internal recording “Caterina 24/10/92”. The faith is produced in Italy from a company that but exports all over the world.
a shoe n. 47 worn to the right foot, with upper leather in skin brown and sole in rubber (particularly used) characterized from a which stylized logo of red color. Inside of the shoe the number 7085 is printed that could mark the manufacturing lottery and therefore it could be useful for being able to go back to the zone in which the shoes they are sold.
a sock
a wristwatch Casio, model G shock, with white strap and transparent plastic case white half and half gray.
By the searches on the date affected the faith it is not emerged null, and for that it regards the clock, not having a serial number, has been able solo to know that it would be be a matter of a model used in particular from the yachtsmen.

From the data supplied from the harbour office of Livorno and the Enea of, it has been possible to assess that the currents, moreover enough weak people, came from the west the south-west for which it has been able to presume that the eventual incident could be happened in Corsica.

Little days after recovery of the body, in the same feature of sea, a key attacked to a floater is found again. The written one on the key boards has afforded to go back to a club of sail in Switzerland, near Lausanne. And, in fact, yachtsmen of the Helvetic club have effectively made of the regattas in that period and that arm of sea. But the Interpol has verified that all have re-entered and nobody of they turns out dispersed. In the course of the nose-dive of 19 January 1999, quickly after the film on the case, a woman has telephoned to “Who has seen it” saying that the man found in sea called Sèrge Margheron, Swiss, resident to Lausanne, husband of a its friend of Caterina name and disappeared citizen from the Island of Elba during the summer. But a verification near the Gendarmeria of the District has afforded of knowing that Sérge Margheron, filed and currently searched for holdup, would be instead alive, from the moment that its mother would have felt it by telephone from the Guadalupa towards the end of January '98. Moreover the wife of Margheron would call Francoise and not Caterina. A search on this name, affected the faith found to the right ring finger of the corpse, has allowed to establish that the weddings with spouse of Caterina name, celebrated the 24/10/92 in 5000 Italian municipalities, have been a score approximately. Nobody of the spouses would turn out disappeared.

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