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    Missouri man will be charged in murder of Bonita doctor Teresa Sievers; second suspect named
    12:48 PM, Aug 27, 2015 Updated: 10:05 PM, Aug 27, 2015
    Rodgers was arrested in Missouri on a violation for leaving the state and traveling to Fort Myers, where he was spotted at a Wal-Mart on June 28, one day before Sievers' body was found. Federal officials were notified by Lee County sheriff's deputies of the violation, according to a federal warrant. Rodgers was on probation for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

    READ: Federal warrant for Jimmy Rodgers' arrest

    Man charged in Bonita Springs doctor’s killing
    August 27, 2015
    Jimmy Rodgers, who is being held on a federal warrant in Missouri, has been charged.
    “This was a targeted set of circumstances,” Scott said.
    Rodgers, of Potosi, Mo., located about 70 miles south of St. Louis, is currently in the St. Francois County jail in Farmington, Mo.
    Rodgers, who was on probation for possessing a handgun as a felon, was arrested Wednesday for leaving Missouri without contacting his probation officer, according to an arrest warrant. Rodgers was in Fort Myers on June 28 at a Walmart on 6 Mile Cypress Parkway, the warrant said. The document did not say how he was identified.

    Suspect in Sievers murder appears in St. Louis court
    August 28, 2015
    In court, Rodgers and his attorney waived the detention hearing, essentially admitting to the probation violation. However, Rodgers’ attorney only admitted that his client was out of the district, not in Florida.

    Rodgers will be sentenced on Sept. 2 for violating probation and will serve at least four months in federal prison in Missouri, with a maximum of 10. Any extradition proceedings will take place after he serves his time.

    Two Missouri men arrested for Bonita Springs doctor murder
    video after 1st arrest with press conference clips: https://youtu.be/TEC0QEum7JM
    different lead-in and shorter but appears to be same main content: https://youtu.be/F5iQNwrSmRc
    And another variation for their local broadcast: https://youtu.be/nlZGLmbRYws
    Posted: Aug 27, 2015 10:35 AM CST Updated: Aug 28, 2015 5:33 PM CST
    Two Missouri men have been arrested and charged with the murder of Bonita Springs doctor, Teresa Sievers.

    Jimmy Rodgers and Curtis Wayne Wright were taken into custody and have been charged for Sievers murder, according to Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott. Wright has been charged with second-degree murder. .
    Rodgers, who reportedly goes by the nickname 'Hammer,' made an initial appearance in federal court in St. Louis Wednesday afternoon.

    "He always talked about how his favorite weapon was a hammer. He said it to me multiple times, 'My favorite weapon was a hammer,'" said Rodgers' neighbor.
    Wright and Rodgers are also friends on Facebook.

    Two Missouri men arrested for murder of Bonita Springs doctor
    Posted: Aug 27, 2015 11:29 AM CST Updated: Aug 28, 2015 6:37 PM CST
    We have confirmed Jimmy Rodgers was arrested in Missouri on a federal probation violation. Through federal court documents, we learned Rodgers was seen at a Lee County Walmart on June 28. Sievers was found dead in her home on June 29. Rodgers' prior convictions on weapons charges led to his probation, and he was not permitted to leave the state of Missouri based on that probation.
    While investigators were piecing the puzzle together in Florida, Rodgers’ neighbors tell us he was bragging about the crimes in Missouri. Rodgers lived at a home 1,200 miles from Bonita Springs in the small town of Cadet, Missouri. Neighbors say Rodgers was well known. When we visited the home, Rodgers' girlfriend’s family explained how they learned about the horrific murder. They say he confessed to the killings earlier this week, and even pointed her to where he hid the evidence.
    Curtis Wright, who goes by Wayne Wright on Facebook, is listed on the social network as a family member of Teresa Sievers' husband, Mark. According to Teresa Sievers' sister, Wright is Mark Sievers' childhood best friend.
    (screenshots of both Facebook connections at this link.)
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    Two Missouri men arrested in murder of Teresa Sievers
    5:12 p.m. EDT August 28, 2015
    The arrests were announced within three hours of each other by Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott in two news conferences that lasted less than five minutes. He took no questions from the media. The homicide was one of the most high-profile cases the sheriff's office has undertaken and one of the most complicated cases the office had ever encountered, he said.

    "We engaged with a tenacious focus like no other," Scott said.

    As of Thursday, Rodgers was booked in the Missouri St. Francois County Jail, according to the Daily Journal newspaper in Missouri.
    Scott lauded the help of the FBI and the state attorney's office on Thursday, introducing representatives from both. James Rankin, supervisory senior resident agent in Fort Myers for the FBI, deferred comments to the Tampa office.

    Dave Couvertier, spokesman for the FBI in Tampa, said the agency is ready to "supply the investigation with any assistance they need outside the area or the state."

    Second arrest in Teresa Sievers case, two men charged
    Aug 27, 2015
    (clip of 2nd press conference at link.)
    Both Curtis Wayne Wright and Jimmy Rogers will be brought back to Lee County to face the charges. Sheriff Scott emphasized that he's never been more proud of his organization;

    "Two vicious killers are in custody, out of state mind you."

    Sheriff Scott called the investigation ongoing and active. Scott implied there was more to release.
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    Two charged in slaying of Bonita doctor Teresa Sievers
    9:55 PM, Aug 27, 2015 Updated: 12:45 PM, Aug 28, 2015
    Two men were jailed Thursday in Missouri in connection with the slaying of Bonita Springs doctor Teresa Sievers, and one of the suspects is an old friend of her husband, Mark Sievers.

    Curtis Wayne Wright Jr., 47, and Jimmy Rodgers, 25, face second-degree murder charges.

    Wright, who goes by his middle name, Wayne, has been friends with Mark Sievers since their high school days in Hillsboro, Missouri, according to mutual friends.

    Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott announced the arrests in two news conferences Thursday.

    “Two vicious killers are in custody,” Scott said.

    Sievers was found dead in her home at 27034 Jarvis Road in Bonita Springs on the morning of June 29. The circumstances surrounding how Sievers was killed have not been disclosed.

    Scott would not answer questions from reporters Thursday, saying the case was active and ongoing. He did not reveal the cause of death, manner of death or a possible motive, but he did say the case was the “most complicated, intricate set of circumstances that most of us have ever seen.”

    Kitty Lifka, of St. Louis, said Mark Sievers used to be a frequent visitor to her home because her youngest son attended college with him in Springfield. Sievers treated her like a second mother, she said.

    Lifka also knew Wright because he worked for her other son at a home security company several years back. Although she had never met Teresa Sievers, Lifka said she was devastated when the news of the doctor’s death reached her in Missouri.

    “The tears,” she said. “Everybody just felt so bad.”

    Lifka said she heard Wright had gone to Florida to comfort Mark Sievers shortly after his wife was killed.

    “We were thinking, ‘is he that friendly with Mark that he went to offer his condolences not over the phone, but in person?’ ” she said.

    Lifka said Wright “just doesn’t have a good name,” saying he’d gotten into drugs a while back. Around that time, Mark Sievers called the Lifkas to caution them about Wright’s drug use.

    “Mark did not try to cover for Wayne,” she said.

    Lifka described Mark Sievers as “always the most polite, nicest guy.” When her son got married about 13 years ago, she said Sievers paid for the wedding reception for his old college friend.

    Cheryl McIntire, who briefly dated Wright at Hillsboro High School, said Wright and Mark Sievers were friends at that time in the 1980s.

    Wright had a younger brother, a younger sister and good parents, McIntire said, but he fell into drugs. At some point he had planned to go to college to become a doctor, she said.

    Records confirm accounts of Wright’s drug use, showing he was arrested twice in recent years on drug-related charges. In October 2009, Wright pleaded guilty to controlled substance possession and received probation. Nearly two years later, a methamphetamine manufacturing charge resulted in a six-year state prison sentence for Wright. Records showing when Wright was released from prison weren’t available Thursday night.

    Wright now lives with his new wife, Angie, in a mobile home in Hillsboro, a rural town about 50 miles southwest of St. Louis.

    Mary Benton, who lives next door to Wright, said she saw him traipsing around his yard Thursday morning, offering a wave and asking about the health of her husband, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

    “They always waved, and if they saw me unloading the car, they would say, ‘Can we help you?’ ” Benton said.

    Although she didn’t know the couple personally, Benton said she was invited to and attended the Wrights’ wedding in early May, held in a nearby park.

    The news of Wright’s arrest trickled through the small town, Benton said, mostly through rumor.

    “It’s just a shock to have someone be accused of something terrible when they just don’t appear to be that kind of people,” Benton said.

    It’s unclear how Wright and Rodgers knew each other, or if Rodgers knew the Sievers family. On Facebook, Rodgers uses the nickname "Hammer."

    Rodgers was spotted at a Walmart on Six Mile Cypress Parkway in south Fort Myers on June 28, one day before Teresa Sievers’ body was found.

    Lee County deputies notified federal officials of the sighting Monday, saying Rodgers was a probationer who was not allowed to leave Missouri.

    Rodgers, who was on probation for being a felon in possession of a firearm, was arrested in Missouri for the probation violation Wednesday.

    Federal and Missouri state court records show Rodgers pleaded guilty to resisting arrest in 2008, putting him on probation. In October 2009, Rodgers was found with 43 guns and indicted on a charge of possessing a firearm while a felon. He pleaded guilty and received nearly five years in federal prison, getting out in September 2014.

    Photo shows suspects in killing of Dr. Teresa Sievers hanging out in weeks before her death
    2:17 PM, Aug 28, 2015
    Two suspects in the death of Bonita Springs doctor Teresa Sievers were photographed hanging out on at least two occasions in the weeks before she was killed.

    Jimmy Rodgers, 25, and Curtis Wayne Wright, 47, appeared together in a photo posted to Facebook on May 30. Rodgers' girlfriend, Taylor Shomaker, posted the photograph to her personal Facebook page, calling it a "pretty good night."

    Shomaker also posted a set of photos on June 7 of herself with both Rodgers and Wright, although the two men did not appear in pictures together.

    Both Rodgers and Wright were arrested Thursday in Missouri to face charges of second-degree murder in Sievers' death. It remains unclear how the two men knew each other. Friends have said Wright was a close friend of Sievers' husband, Mark Sievers.

    Rodgers and Shomaker are expecting a baby boy in March. Shomaker posted about her pregnancy on June 29, the same day Sievers was found dead inside her home in Bonita Springs.

    Rodgers was spotted at a Fort Myers Walmart on June 28, according to court documents. His travel to Florida was considered a violation of his probation on gun charges. Rodgers appeared in federal court Friday on the probation violation.

    Sievers' sister reacts to arrests in murder
    Aug 27, 2015
    She said Wright was at her sister's funeral.
    "I'm disgusted. I hugged this man so tight, and I cried on his shoulder, and said 'Thank you so much for being such a good friend to Teresa's family," Annie said.
    She said Wright seems to have a close connection to Teresa's husband Mark.
    "I was told they've been friends since they were kids," Annie said.
    (In the video, the reporter comments about remarkable resemblance between MS/CWW in the lead-in to Annie's interview.)

    Neighbors react to arrests in Sievers' murder
    Aug 28, 2015
    In the eight weeks it's been since she passed, neighbors like DC said they've been on edge, but now can rest easy.
    "I'm ecstatic. It confirms, yes, they are still working on the case. It kind of puts our mind a little bit at ease what the Sheriff is telling us is we don't have to be worried, and this is a start,"
    Officials have not said Mark is connected to the killing.
    Teresa's sister said she hasn't heard from Mark since the arrests, and neighbors said they haven't seen much of him either.
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    Two Missouri men accused of killing doctor in Florida
    August 29, 2015 6:05 am
    Rodgers’ only Missouri felony charge was filed in 2007 when, at age 17, he was accused of resisting arrest by fleeing in Monroe County, Mo. He was sentenced to five years of probation. His attorney at the time said that Rodgers was in a “hot rod” and didn’t immediately pull over for police.

    That state felony conviction was the basis of a federal charge of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon that was filed in 2009. Officials said he was caught with 43 rifles, pistols and shotguns that belonged to his deceased father.

    His attorney in the federal case said in court filings that Rodgers had been told that as long as he did not touch the firearms there, he could return to the house he shared with his brother.

    Federal prosecutors disputed that, and said Rodgers continued to acquire new guns after his state conviction. They noted that he was arrested in 2010 for possession of a sawed-off shotgun. In 2011, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison. He was released in September 2014.

    Chilling photos show mom-of-two's alleged killers - including her husband's childhood friend - laughing and taking selfies before she was found murdered
    Published: 10:24 EST, 30 August 2015 | Updated: 19:32 EST, 30 August 2015
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    Florida Police Seek Answers In Prominent Doctor's Slaying
    Posted: 07/02/2015 4:43 pm EDT
    Sievers failed to show up for work Monday morning, the Lee County Sheriff's Office said, prompting someone to check on her welfare. That individual, who has not been identified, found Sievers' body inside her home and called police at 9:45 a.m.

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    New clues emerging in death of Bonita doctor Teresa Sievers
    8:50 PM, Aug 31, 2015
    On the Friday before Dr. Teresa Sievers was killed, Jimmy Rodgers punched out at 6 p.m. from his job at a construction company in eastern Missouri.

    He told his girlfriend he’d be out of state on a business trip he expected to net him $10,000, according to a friend. But his employer, JV Contracting, says Rodgers wasn’t scheduled to work on June 27, 28 or 29, contradicting his story.

    Sometime after leaving work that Friday, Rodgers traveled more than 1,100 miles south, where his probation officer said he was spotted at a Walmart store in Fort Myers on Sunday, June 28.

    The next morning, Sievers was found dead inside her Bonita Springs home.

    Last Thursday, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott announced that Rodgers and another Missouri man, 47-year-old Curtis “Wayne” Wright, were named in warrants for second-degree murder in Sievers’ death. Both men are in custody in Missouri and will later be extradited to Florida to face the charges.

    On June 28, Rodgers’ girlfriend, Taylor Shomaker, threw a baby shower for their mutual friend, Wendy Crader, up in Missouri. Crader said Shomaker told her Rodgers was on a business trip for his company and expected to make $10,000 over the weekend.

    “She was excited because she could then get a van that she wanted,” Crader said. “I feel so bad for Taylor that this happened … and even worse for Teresa [Sievers] and her family and friends.”

    Crader said she wasn’t sure if Rodgers made any money that weekend but did know that he and Shomaker had purchased a van since then. In TV coverage this past weekend, a blue minivan is seen parked in front of the couple’s trailer in Cadet, Missouri.

    This past weekend, Shomaker started a ******** page in an attempt to relocate from the trailer they shared. She and Rodgers are expecting a child in March, according to her Facebook.

    “Me and my children have to move out of our home due to very horrible situation and only have 72 hours to find an new one,” she wrote on the fundraiser site. “All money I raise will be used to get all set up so that I can start looking for a job and return to School for me and my babys. We will be completely grateful for every donation.”

    Rodgers’ boss, Tyler Juliette, said Rodgers was one of about 100 employees and had worked for the company for about a year before his arrest Thursday. Rodgers did general labor, including painting and cleaning, around different job sites.

    “He never missed work and was always on time,” Juliette said. “It was kind of surprising to us.”

    According to Juliette’s payroll records, Rodgers worked Friday, June 26, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and then was off until Tuesday, June 30, at 5 p.m. He said Rodgers didn’t specifically request those days off and believes they would have been his normal days away from work.

    Authorities contacted Juliette this past Thursday morning to let him know of their plan to arrest Rodgers. Juliette said he called Rodgers and told him his probation officer needed to see him. While Rodgers drove back to the main office, law enforcement stopped him and took him into custody.

    Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott said Monday the case is still considered active.

    “It is every bit as much ongoing,” he said. “This is a very, very dynamic, fast-moving case.”

    A nine-page document revealing more details about the arrests should be released soon, although Scott doesn’t expect it to answer one of the most basic questions about the killing. When asked if the document would reveal motive, the sheriff paused, saying, “Uh … probably. Maybe not. There are things having to do with motive that will probably be held back because of further investigation.”

    Within two weeks of Sievers’ death, Scott said the two lead detectives on the case traveled to Missouri. Although they had only planned to stay for a few days, they ended up staying for three weeks.

    Scott said investigators had collected evidence between Missouri and Florida, saying the case involves places across the country. He would not confirm a specific report that Rodgers’ girlfriend led detectives to a bloody jumpsuit but did say investigators collected evidence in Missouri.

    Juliette, Rodgers’ boss, said Rodgers was working for a smelting company in June that required him to wear a jumpsuit. Employees were supposed to turn in their uniforms at the end of the night but wasn’t sure if anyone monitored if they left the facility.

    Although Scott didn’t rule out the idea of future arrests, he said he doesn’t believe anyone else is in danger as detectives continue their investigation.

    Scott also said having the two suspects in custody gives detectives some leverage.

    “They don’t know what we know or what we’re doing or who’s telling us what,” he said.

    Scott said detectives had established a “very tight time frame” and were “all but certain” of the reason Sievers was killed. The sheriff described the doctor as “very much a victim,” saying it wasn’t a case of a person putting themselves in a bad situation.

    “This was a heinous, brutal crime,” Scott said.

    The sheriff seemed to indicate both Rodgers and Wright were in Florida, saying they will both face the same charge of second-degree murder and referring to a plural “killers.” When describing why his agency needed time to build its case, he said there were “criminals coming in from the outside and then returning again to the outside and that created a delay.”

    It’s unclear how Rodgers and Wright know each other, although they were photographed hanging out together in the weeks before Sievers was killed. Friends have said Wright is a longtime friend of the doctor’s husband, Mark Sievers.

    Attempts to reach Mark Sievers on Monday were unsuccessful. When asked if he was cooperating with the investigation, the sheriff said, “I’m not going to speak to that. It’s probably better left unsaid in terms of who’s cooperating and who’s not.”

    The sheriff made clear that what’s been reported about the case is a small fraction of what investigators have learned.

    “The surface hasn’t even been scratched yet,” Scott said. “A lot of people have heard different things, different people have said different things, but at the end of the day, few if any know what we know about the case.”

    Intricate investigation of Sievers murder explained by Sheriff
    9:48 p.m. EDT August 31, 2015
    When Lee County investigators flew to Missouri searching for the killers of Dr. Teresa Sievers, they packed for three days. They were there three weeks.
    Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott said Sgt. David Lebid and Det. Michael Downs came back not only with new clothes but a wealth of evidence.
    Scott wouldn't elaborate on how the murder happened, and even though multiple media outlets have reported the murder weapon was a hammer: "We have not and will not say that a hammer was used."

    Neighbors: SWAT raided Sievers murder suspect’s home in July
    August 31, 2015
    Neighbors say about two weeks after Sievers was found dead in Bonita Springs, a SWAT team raided Wright’s trailer 1,200 miles away.

    “I seen like 20 SWAT guys or so… flak jackets and a whole lot of rifles. And a lot of cops walking around,” said DS, Wright’s next door neighbor.

    DS says Wright was handcuffed, detained, and released about three days later. Then, on Tuesday August 25 in Cadet, Missouri, about 30 minutes from Wright’s trailer, neighbors say investigators raided the trailer of Jimmy Rodgers, the second suspect in Sievers’ murder.

    Jimmy Rodgers’ neighbors speak out
    August 31, 2015
    RL told us Rodgers would also talk about how much he liked hammers. According to a source in the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Sievers was bludgeoned to death with a hammer.

    “That gave me chills, knowin’ that he said his favorite weapon was a hammer,” said RL

    Another neighbor told us that Rodgers once gave her husband a ride home from Wal-Mart and showed him a hammer he kept under the seat of his car.

    Sievers murder suspect refuses to waive extradition
    Posted: Aug 31, 2015 4:56 PM CST Updated: Aug 31, 2015 5:23 PM CST
    On Monday, a local Missouri prosecutor issued a fugitive warrant on Wright -- keeping him behind bars without bond while they wait for an extradition warrant to come out of the State Attorney's Office here in Florida.

    Wright's next hearing is set for 30 days to check on his extradition status.
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    The 2015 Florida Statutes on Murder
    (2) The unlawful killing of a human being, when perpetrated by any act imminently dangerous to another and evincing a depraved mind regardless of human life, although without any premeditated design to effect the death of any particular individual, is murder in the second degree and constitutes a felony of the first degree, punishable by imprisonment for a term of years not exceeding life or as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

    Chapter 782 Homicide in its entirety at this link:

    Info on First degree:
    Quote Originally Posted by wondering25 View Post
    .... http://statelaws.findlaw.com/florida...rder-laws.html
    Florida First Degree Murder Laws

    12 9881
    Overview of Florida First Degree Murder Laws

    Homicide, the unlawful killing of a human being, includes several degrees of murder and manslaughter under the state laws of Florida. The type of homicide ...
    Defenses to First Degree Murder Charges
    The available defenses to a charge of first degree murder depend on the basis for the charge. ... Penalties and Sentences
    First degree murder is a capital felony in Florida.....
    Florida First Degree Murder Statute

    Florida Statutes Sections 782.02-782.36
    Note: State laws are constantly changing -- please contact a Florida criminal defense attorney or conduct your own legal research to verify the state law(s) you are researching.
    - See more at: http://statelaws.findlaw.com/florida....8ppbz1Hq.dpuf
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    Dr. Teresa Sievers' sister speaks out
    CREATED 8:58 PM August 31, 2015
    "Of course I'm angry, who isn't angry about what happened? But that's not going to solve anything. We need to have hearts filled with love and hope," Sievers' sister Annie Lisa said by phone Monday.

    "I'm on pins and needles. I, like the rest of the world wonder what the next dot is going to be that's connected in my sister's murder," Lisa said.
    "I know that they are safe. But I want to hold them in my arms and I want to tell them that everything is going to be ok and I want them to look into my eyes and understand that I was the closest person in the world to their mom and I wouldn't do anything but give them love and support them and tell them the truth," Lisa said.

    "If you're a religious person and you want to pray for the girl pray. If you're not a religious person and you believe in energy, then send positive energy and send light. Imagine those beautiful faces and send light and love to them and protection," Lisa said.

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    Sheriff Mike Scott appears on 'Nancy Grace' to discuss Dr. Teresa Sievers case
    Posted Sep 1

    " Two weeks after she was found dead on June 29, two lead detectives learned of a possible connection to Missouri and were sent to do further investigation.

    Once in Missouri, Scott said the two detectives gained more of a sense of what had happened.

    “Things continued to unfold,” Scott said. “We started to get some big breaks in the case.”

    He said law enforcement is still learning new information every day."

    Hubby's childhood friend arrested for doctor's murder
    Nancy Grace video updated10:12 AM EDT, Wed September 02, 2015
    (this is only a two minute clip, not the entire show with Sheriff interview)

    Sievers murder: Suspect's boss claims hand in arrest

    Why not first-degree murder for suspects in Dr. Teresa Sievers case
    Posted Sep 1
    "In Florida, the only way a first-degree murder charge can be brought forth is through a grand jury’s indictment.

    Each of the five counties in Southwest Florida’s 20th Judicial Circuit has its own grand jury, made up of 21 people, said Samantha Syoen, a spokeswoman for the State Attorney’s Office. A new grand jury is chosen every six months.

    Syoen declined to comment specifically on the Sievers case, beyond saying that the State Attorney’s Office has not yet received the case in its entirety to review for potential charges. Both suspects, Curtis “Wayne” Wright and Jimmy Rodgers, are named on warrants for second-degree murder, but at this point no charges have actually been filed, Syoen said.

    It takes 12 or more of the 21 grand jurors to reach an indictment"

    Where is Dr. Sievers Husband
    By Lisa Greenberg. CREATED Sep 1, 2015

    "The neighborhood mood seemed to shift after it became clear one of the men arrested in the murder is a lifelong friend of the doctor's husband, Mark Sievers."

    Hillsboro man facing Florida murder charge
    Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 4:26 pm

    "According to published reports, Wright was a friend of Sievers’ husband while both attended high school in Hillsboro." (NOTE: Leader Publications, Jefferson County’s only weekly newspaper company, was founded in 1994 in Festus, Mo.)

    Both sides in Sievers murder case hit with tragedies
    7:50 a.m. EDT September 2, 2015
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    http://www.news-press.com/story/news...rder/71584508/5:28 p.m. EDT September 2, 2015

    "Tyler Juliette, who operates JV Contracting in Cadet, said he didn't know of Rodger's trip until after his employee left.

    "The following Tuesday, I talked to him for the first time I had seen him after he came back," Juliette said. "I was joking with him. I asked him why he didn't tell us he was going."

    Juliette said Rodgers told him that a brother who had recently graduated from law school had asked him to come down to Florida and had paid for his trip as well as a new wardrobe of clothes."

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    http://www.abc-7.com/story/29936715/...hand-in-arrestPosted: Sep 01, 2015 6:07 PM EST
    Updated: Sep 01, 2015 6:34 PM EST

    Wright is a childhood friend of Dr. Sievers' husband, Mark.

    We reached out to Wright at the Jefferson County Jail on Wednesday.

    A sergeant there gave Wright our message. Wright requested the sergeant return our call and tell us he was not interested in speaking with us.

    We tried getting a reaction from Mark Sievers about the arrest. He hasn't been available by phone, and we didn't get a chance to talk with him when he left his home on Tuesday.

    We have seen a few different cars come and go from the residence, including Mark.

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    Rodgers’ court-appointed attorney in Missouri said her client “didn’t know the people in Florida.”

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    http://www.news-press.com/story/news...case/71572064/ Ten facts about suspects in Dr. Sievers homicide case

    MICHAEL BRAUN, MBRAUN@NEWS-PRESS.COM 1:23 p.m. EDT September 2, 2015

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    Murdered Bonita doctor's husband: "No comment"
    Posted: Sep 02, 2015 5:55 PM EST
    Updated: Sep 02, 2015 7:33 PM EST

    Video and article.

    Mark approached outside office today leaving in car with suitcase and two trashbags on camera....

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