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    This is an old article, but I don't see posted above and was being discussed in threads today so backtracking to capture it

    Colleague of murdered Bonita Springs doctor speaks out
    Posted: Jul 04, 2015 7:38 PM EST Updated: Jul 04, 2015 7:51 PM EST

    Sandra Hoskins, Dr. Sievers' nurse of seven years . . . On Monday, the doctor failed to show. Hoskins knew something was wrong.
    "The phone rang. The girl in the front office picked it up and said there's crime tape. Her block is taped off, and there's police everywhere," said Hoskins.
    Hoskins immediately drove to the doctor's home and spoke with a deputy.
    "He said she's passed," said Hoskins. "I called Mark, and I said I know what's going, but I don't know what's going on. He was hysterical."

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    Timing and Mapping of House to Office



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    Sheriff Mike Scott opens up about Dr. Sievers' murder investigation Video and story By Katie Jones. CREATED Sep 1, 2015

    "Sheriff Scott said his detectives initially packed for a three day trip to Missouri and ended up staying three weeks. He says as the case developed more and more evidence led them to Jimmy Rodgers and Curtis Wayne Wright.

    "I can tell you with certainty that when all of the facts about this case are out everyone will understand why it took 8 weeks and I think they'll go one step further and say 'wow'," Sheriff Scott said.

    Teresa Sievers' sister has said she's focusing on her sister's two young daughters. Fox4 asked Sheriff Scott about them.

    Fox4 reporter Katie Jones asked: Have you checked to make sure they are safe?

    "We have. We've had quite a lot of involvement and interaction with the Sievers' children as recently as yesterday...quite extensive, Sheriff Scott said.

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    OP on threads - Riversinthedesert

    TS' s death certificate was originally recorded on 7/29/15, or 1 month after her death. It was modified on 8/31/15.

    Instrument # PreviousPrev 2015000165897
    Document Type: (DC) Death Certificate
    Modified Date: 8/31/2015 8:48:32 AM
    Record Date : 7/29/2015 11:11:54 AM
    Book Type: O
    # of Pages: 1

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    Suspect in Sievers murder will serve 6 months in federal prison By Sam Smink/ AP • September 2, 2015 Video and article


    "Rodgers told his attorney Wednesday, he didn’t know “those people in Florida,” referring to Mark and Teresa Sievers.

    Deputies have not said whether Rodgers and Teresa’s husband Mark knew each other. But Rodgers’ neighbor in Missouri says she’s seen Mark Sievers at Rodgers’ trailer before."

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    Judge says Jimmy Rodgers guilty of charge unrelated to doc murder
    BEN BRASCH and MICHAEL BRAUN, MBRAUN@NEWS-PRESS.COM 9:29 p.m. EDT September 2, 2015
    "The man who had employed Rodgers for about a year at his Cadet, Mo., contracting company said the suspect in the killing of a Bonita Springs doctor told him his trip to Florida in late June was paid for by his brother.

    Tyler Juliette, who operates JV Contracting in Cadet, said he didn't know of Rodger's trip until after his employee left.

    "The following Tuesday, I talked to him for the first time I had seen him after he came back," Juliette said. "I was joking with him. I asked him why he didn't tell us he was going."

    Juliette said Rodgers told him that a brother who had recently graduated from law school had asked him to come down to Florida and had paid for his trip as well as a new wardrobe of clothes."

    BBM..as Skinner had mentioned "going to law school"...more at link


    Yet another article states......

    Boss: Sievers murder suspect admitted to being in Florida at time of killing By Adam Wright • September 1, 2015 (video and article)

    "His boss, Tyler Juliette, says he believes it was Monday, June 29, the day Teresa Sievers was found brutally murdered in her Bonita Springs home, when Rodgers admitted something very important.

    “My foreman… asked him to come in and he said he couldn’t because he was in Florida,” said Juliette.

    Juliette says Rodgers later told him he was in Florida visiting his brother who had just graduated from law school. "

    ETA: To add second article/video
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    Sievers family coping as investigation continues By Adam Pinsker. CREATED Sep 2, 2015

    http://www.scrippsmedia.com/fox4now/....html?lc=Smart 3 minute Video and article at link

    "NAPLES, Fl. - It's still not clear if Mark Sievers and his children are staying at his family's home in Collier County. We spoke with his step mother briefly off camera she told us the family is "coping." J***** W******** said investigators told her not to talk about the case publicly. Another man living at the home was angry when we showed up to ask how Dr. Sievers family is doing. The man is N***** *******, the father of Mark Sievers' stepmother J***** W********."

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    Jefferson County man fights extradition for Florida murder chargeSeptember 01, 2015 4:10 pm • By Robert Patrick

    "The lawyer for a Jefferson County man jailed on a Florida murder charge says that he will fight extradition from Missouri and seek release from jail on bond."


    Missouri man accused in Florida murder gets 6 months in unrelated federal case September 02, 2015 11:50 am • By Robert Patrick


    " sentenced Wednesday to six months in federal prison ...

    admitted leaving eastern Missouri without permission, but didn't say where he had been....

    U.S. District Judge Stephen N. Limbaugh told Rodgers that he could have had a full-blown hearing at which prosecutors and probation officials would have had to prove that he was elsewhere. Rodgers, wearing an orange short-sleeve jail scrub shirt and pants, said he understood that he was giving up his right to that hearing....

    Miller said that Rodgers had asked her about Florida's three strikes law. And she did say that Rodgers said, "he didn't know the people in Florida."


    Suspect in Florida doctor's death violates federal probation 17 hours ago • By ALAN SCHER ZAGIER


    "Jimmy Ray Rodgers, 25, of Cadet, was sentenced to six months in prison for violating his probation in a 2011 case in which he pleaded guilty to being a felon in unlawful possession of a firearm.

    Terms of his probation barred him from leaving Missouri, but his probation officer said he was seen at a Wal-Mart store in late June in Fort Myers, Florida. The Gulf Coast city is about 20 miles from where 46-year-old Teresa Sievers was found dead in her Bonita Springs home.

    Scott said he expects Wright to be transferred to Florida within 30 to 60 days, while Rodgers "will step out one cell and right into another" once he completes his federal sentence."

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    NANCY GRACE, HOST: Breaking news tonight, live, Bonita Springs, Florida. New details emerging tonight in the mystery surrounding the murder of a gorgeous young doctor, mother of two little girls, Dr. Teresa Sievers found murdered in her upscale Florida home while Sievers's husband and girls out of town.

    Not one but two arrests go down in the murder of Dr. Sievers. The disturbing twist, one of the two arrested is Sievers's husband's best friend from childhood.

    Bombshell tonight. We dig through the night to put together a timeline. Police insisting they are still on the hunt for anyone else responsible for the brutal murder of Teresa Sievers. Who could that be?


    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This was a woman that did not deserve what happened to her.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sievers was found dead in Bonita Springs. A SWAT team raided Wright`s trailer 1,200 miles away.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It gave me chills knowing that he said that he -- his favorite weapon was a hammer.

    DR. TERESA SIEVERS, VIDEO: That`s why I didn't go in (ph) about what I've done because it's going to kind of unfold as we go through.


    GRACE: That video from Teresa Sievers`s YouTube channel.

    Good evening, I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us.

    Bombshell tonight. Live to Bonita Springs, Florida. Tonight, new details, disturbing details emerging in the mystery surrounding the murder of a gorgeous young doctor, a mother of two little girls, Dr. Teresa Sievers, Dr. Teresa found murdered in her upscale Florida home while Sievers's husband and little girls remain out of town after a family vacation.

    Not one but two arrests go down in the murder of Dr. Sievers. The disturbing twist? One of the two is Sievers`s husband`s best friend from childhood.

    Bombshell tonight. We dig through the night to put together a timeline, as police insisting at this hour, they are still on the hunt for anyone else responsible for the brutal murder of Dr. Teresa Sievers. Anyone else? Who could that be?

    Let`s see that frame shot, Liz, that side-by-side.

    Now, the two men that have been arrested, as you all know by now, Curtis Wayne Wright and Jimmy Rodgers, both live in Missouri. The side-by-side of Curtis Wayne Wright and Sievers`s husband -- that side-by-side. Now interesting, Curtis Wayne Wright and Dr. Sievers`s husband, Mark Sievers, are almost doppelgangers.

    Look at this. The one on the left is his, Mark Sievers`s, best friend from childhood, have stayed in touch all these years. They live over 1,200 miles apart. Mark Sievers, on the left, married to Dr. Teresa Sievers, and they claim on line that they are brothers.

    Now, I don`t know if there`s an actual blood relation, but why would your best friend travel 1,200 miles with your sidekick, Jimmy Rodgers, to murder your best friend`s wife while you are out of town?

    Joining me right now is a special guest, in addition to Rita Cosby and Michael Christian, Sheriff Mike Scott is with us from the Lee County sheriff`s office. Sheriff, thank you so much for being with us.

    MIKE SCOTT, LEE COUNTY SHERIFF (via telephone): Thank you.

    GRACE: Now, Sheriff, I know a lot of this you can`t comment on, but forgive me for asking. Our viewers are extremely attached to Dr. Sievers, and we all want to see justice. You stated that the investigation is ongoing, that anyone else that may be partially involved or responsible for her brutal murder, you are tracking them down. Is that correct?

    SCOTT: Yes, ma`am, that`s very much correct. We have still evidence that`s yet to be finalized in terms of evaluated and analyzed, both evidence that was gathered here in Florida and as well in Missouri and at points in between. And so, you know, we believe, obviously, we had a great start with these two in custody. However, anything and anybody that`s remotely associated with this case, we obviously have an obligation to move forward with that, and that`s what we`re doing. We have not let up at all. Our foot is very much on the gas pedal, and we`re moving forward full speed ahead with the investigation.

    GRACE: With me, special guest Sheriff Mike Scott, who`s been on this case around the clock with his people, all law enforcement.

    Sheriff Scott, question. How soon after finding Dr. Sievers`s body in her home did you dispatch detectives to Missouri?

    SCOTT: It was about two weeks afterward. I will say that, initially, we developed strong suspicion that this was not random or arbitrary, that this was, in fact, a targeted event targeting Dr. Sievers.

    And in that vein, I tried to communicate to the public -- of course, absent an arrest, it`s difficult, but communicate to the public that we did not feel that anyone else was in harm`s way. Evidence continued to build. Suspicion became stronger, to the point, frankly, of probable cause, at which time, we went to -- we dispatched

    detectives to Missouri.

    I`ll tell you that, initially, what we sent them for was far less than we came up with. We sent them initially for three days. We figured they`d be there for three days. They were there three weeks on that first trip.

    GRACE: Wow.

    SCOTT: So on that end, things continued to unfold. And you know, we started to get some breaks, big breaks in the case.

    GRACE: You know, we`ve heard the reports about a bloody jumpsuit being taken from Jimmy Rodgers`s belongings. And if that is the blood of Dr. Sievers, that will be a direct DNA link. Not so much news about Curtis Wayne Wright.

    Let me ask you a question, Sheriff Scott. Do you believe that only two perpetrators entered Dr. Sievers`s home at the time she was killed?

    SCOTT: Well, I`m not able to say that with certainty, no. You know, anybody, as you know, that`s within the general envelope, particularly in a - you work from the inside out. And so when we start to talk about family members, close friends, business associates -- and I`m speaking generally now, but it could be applied to this case, as well -- sort of working from the inside out, that general envelope of initial suspicion is one that`s fairly broad.

    And you know, it can be husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, close family friends, business associates. And so that`s sort of what happened initially. And as remains the case now, I`m not at liberty to say that there`s no one else directly involved with the crime...

    GRACE: Right.

    SCOTT: ... or indirectly to the point that they would be culpable criminally for the activity that took place.

    GRACE: You know what`s interesting, Sheriff Scott? And I`m going to go to you on this, Rita Cosby, investigative journalist, WABC host -- Rita, I notice that Jimmy Rodgers -- let's take a look at the timeline, please.

    Rita, Jimmy Rodgers, who is not the look-alike best friend of Sievers`s husband -- he's the other one -- his nickname is "the hammer" and he has actually stated online that the hammer is his preferred weapon.

    You know what`s interesting? He actually said that he was going to make $10,000 over the weekend.

    Now, Sheriff Scott, isn't it correct that Rodgers, AKA, also known as "the hammer," somewhere said he was going to get $10,000 over the weekend, but he gets off work on Friday and he -- around 6:00 PM. He doesn't punch back in. He wasn't supposed to punch back in until Tuesday. Dr. Sievers was murdered between Sunday and Monday, correct?

    SCOTT: Yes, ma'am.

    GRACE: So do we have any idea how Rodgers, Sheriff, thought he was going to get $10,000 cash that weekend?

    SCOTT: Well, as I said earlier, we have a lot of ideas, and many of those are supported by, frankly, a mountain of circumstantial evidence and a significant amount of physical evidence, as well, that we continue to look at.

    GRACE: Right.

    SCOTT: And I`ll tell you that that quote specifically, Nancy, that you talk about in terms of him mentioning the $10,000, I believe that quote is attributed to his...

    GRACE: Girlfriend?

    SCOTT: ... employer. Yes, ma`am.

    GRACE: Oh, the employer. Yes, yes, yes. You`re absolutely right about that.

    As a matter of fact, joining me right now from Cadet, Missouri, Tyler Juliette, the former boss of Jimmy Rodgers. Tyler Juliette, thank you so much for being with us.

    TYLER JULIETTE, former boss of JIMMY RODGERS (via telephone): Thank you, ma`am.

    GRACE: You know, it`s amazing...

    JULIETTE: Can you hear me?

    GRACE: Yes, sir. It`s amazing, isn`t it, that you can work with somebody so long and you think you know them, and then they are suddenly implicated in something like this. It`s happened to me before, where you think you know the people you`re working with and then, boom, guess what?

    You don`t know them at all.

    How long did Jimmy Rodgers, also known as "the hammer," work for you, Tyler?

    JULIETTE: He worked for us for -- he was hired on 8/27/14, so it was almost a year to the day.

    GRACE: Did you ever hear him brag he was going to make $10,000 that weekend?

    JULIETTE: No, not working for us, he wasn`t.

    GRACE: OK. I know that he said that. I`m trying to narrow down where that came from. Let me ask you, what was his demeanor when he worked for you?

    JULIETTE: We never had a problem with Jimmy. He showed up for work. He was on time. He did his job. I never had -- never had much, you know, of a complaint ever on him, to be honest with you.

    GRACE: And he worked at a smelting business?

    SCOTT: He worked wherever we needed him. We work for a lot of different companies. But that`s where he was at, at the time that week, and a few weeks before that. He had been working for a company that we sub out to, yes.

    GRACE: Well, let me ask you this, sir. He works generally in smelting and he subs out doing other things. Would he normally be able to pull in $10,000 in one weekend?

    JULIETTE: No, ma`am.

    GRACE: OK, because that`s a pretty pricey bill, $10,000 in one weekend.

    JULIETTE: You bet.

    GRACE: Do you have any idea how he could have made -- who would have paid him to do what job for $10,000 in 72 hours?

    JULIETTE: Well, I can assure you it has nothing to do with us, ma`am.

    GRACE: Guess what? I believe you. I believe you, Tyler Juliette. You cooperated with police. You cooperated when you realized they needed information for his arrest. What happened?

    JULIETTE: We -- I don`t know if you -- that Jimmy also rents a home from us. We also have a lot of rental properties. So we knew that they were here or close by his vicinity, or his home, actually. We weren't for sure what was going on, but we knew that they was trying to, you know, get a hold of him.

    I got a call asking if I could get him -- asking what time he got off his shift, and I had to call the foreman that runs that crew. He informed me that Jimmy didn't get off until approximately, I think, it was 5:00 or 6:00 o`clock.

    So that (INAUDIBLE) getting back here at 6:00 o`clock that day. And they didn't -- they wasn't willing to wait that long, so they asked me if I would go ahead and put an order in for him to come on home and just tell him that his PO needed to do a spot check on him as soon as possible.

    GRACE: Probation officer?

    JULIETTE: Yes. Yes, ma`am.

    GRACE: OK.

    JULIETTE: And so I called my foreman and told him to go ahead and get somebody to cover Jimmy for the last few hours and get him sent home, that the probation officer need him here ASAP for a check. And that`s what happened. And we really knew no details at all at the time.

    GRACE: Wow. When you look back and you realize that he is now implicated in the murder of Dr. Sievers, were there any red flags? Was there anything suspicious at all?

    JULIETTE: No. I mean, it`s very disturbing to think that he worked for, you know, our company as long as he did around my employees that long, if he had anything to do with this.


    [20:18:18]UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The investigation is still ongoing, and more information will come available as the investigation unfolds.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Seemed like 20 SWAT guys or so, a whole bunch of - - a whole bunch of jackets and flak jackets and a whole lot of rifles.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One of the reasons this case has taken so long is the volume of evidence that needs to be lab tested.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Very much an ongoing and active investigation.


    GRACE: Dr. Teresa Sievers was out of town at a family gathering of her family. She took with her her husband, Mark Sievers, and their two little girls, but she decided to come back that Sunday night.

    Or was that planned ahead of time? Mark Sievers staying along at Teresa Sievers`s family get-together with the children, coming back the next day. And while he was gone, tragedy strikes, Teresa Sievers found dead in her home.

    Well, in the last 72 hours, arrests go down of not one, but two people from Missouri. Turns out one is Mark Sievers`s childhood best friend, also his sidekick, Jimmy Rodgers, AKA "the hammer."

    Joining me right now in front of the Sieverses` home, investigative reporter Nicole Partin. Nicole, you`re there. What do you see?

    NICOLE PARTIN, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER: Nancy, today I noticed something different outside Dr. Sievers's home. The blinds on the front door are open, but I`m also noticing that those security lights are still remaining on.

    It was early on in the investigation that you brought up the point of the security system, the security lights. We began to question, did the person who broke into her home know how to manipulate that system?

    We are learning from friends of Curtis Wayne Wright that he had a previous job as a security system business. Does this in any way tell us that he was able to manipulate the system in order to get into Dr. Sievers`s home?

    [20:20:10]GRACE: OK, Sheriff Mike Scott, special guest joining us, the Lee County sheriff. Sheriff Scott, my head is absolutely spinning.

    It`s bad enough, I thought, that Wright is the husband`s best friend from childhood. They claim they`re brothers. They`re doppelgangers. They looked just alike. He worked as a computer whiz for Dr. Sievers in her office. I`m sure the husband fixed that up.

    But now I learn that Wright is a security person, he worked at a security system company?

    SCOTT: There was some employment history along those lines, yes, ma`am. And my head is spinning, as well, and has been since the case unfolded, just for reasons that you've enumerated and so many others that we know about, these facts, as you say, that continue to come out that we know ahead of time, and many more together with them.

    And so again, I emphasize that no one, nobody is outside of the envelope of suspicion and/or as the evidence takes us to possible responsibility...

    GRACE: Sheriff Scott, let me ask you this. Did the Sieverses have a safe in their home?

    SCOTT: I know the answer to the question, but I think I`m going to decline speaking to it.

    GRACE: OK. Because if somebody knows -- for instance, if Wright knew they had a safe and he knew they kept X amount of money there, it would make sense that Rodgers`s girlfriend is bragging he`s going to get $10,000. But if she did not have a safe, where would that number come from? Very, very disturbing.

    To Ben Levitan, telecommunications expert. Ben, here he`s got a security background with a security company. He`s a computer whiz. If this home security system were wireless, that would be a piece of cake for him to break into.

    BEN LEVITAN, TELECOMMUNICATIONS EXPERT (via telephone): Well, absolutely, Nancy. But most of these security systems can be remotely turned on and turned off. He was fully aware of the entire network. He probably recommended all the computer networks that were in Dr. Sievers`s office. He probably had the codes that he could remotely turn these off, Nancy.

    GRACE: But who would know...

    LEVITAN: And who knows, he may have even been able to have access to the safe.

    GRACE: ... the husband -- the other thing, if there was a safe. But the other thing is, who would have known he was gone for the weekend? The wife was gone. Were they surprised when she came back? Was that a surprise? But couldn`t they see both cars there and know Dr. Sievers was back, that the home wasn`t empty?

    Joining me again at the scene, investigative reporter Nicole Partin. What else can you tell me, Nicole?

    PARTIN: Nancy, we`re hearing from Jimmy Rodgers`s girlfriend that in the days leading up to Dr. Sievers`s death, he told her he would be working out of town and that he would receive $10,000 while he was away. Now, we`re unclear. Was he expecting to rob $10,000 from the family home, or was he going to be paid $10,000 for killing Dr. Sievers? We don`t know.
    But we do know that on Friday evening, he clocked out of work at 6:00 PM, made the 1,200-mile journey here, was seen at a nearby Walmart, and hours after that, Dr. Sievers was found murdered.


    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Rodgers and Wright were taken into custody, both facing second-degree murder charges.

    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I seen them take bloody clothes out of Jim`s car to put in a paper bag to put in the CSI truck.

    SIEVERS: So why have I done this, all this extra training? Truly, it`s for my patients.


    GRACE: That`s Dr. Teresa Sievers on her YouTube channel. She`s dead, leaving behind two little girls.

    In the last 72 hours, two arrests go down, but police say they`re still looking. They`re still on the hunt. Best friend from childhood, Curtis Wayne Wright, Jr., sidekick "the hammer" Jimmy Rodgers.

    Rita Cosby, investigative journalist, WABC - Rita, that $10,000 is really bothering me because he either thought he was going to get paid $10,000, or that there was $10,000 in the safe.

    Now, couldn't they see that there were two cars there? One should have been at the airport. But Dr. Teresa Sievers was there. They had to know she was there when they went in.

    RITA COSBY, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: No, indeed. And on the $10,000 point, not only did the boyfriend -- this is Jimmy Rodgers -- reportedly tell his girlfriend he was gone and going to make $10,000 on a side job, she told someone else, Then we can buy a van because we`re having a baby.

    Apparently, the couple did get a van soon afterward, so authorities can trace the money that way.

    The other thing, Nancy, both of these guys have rap sheets, not just the guy who looks like the husband but the other one, as well. The Jimmy Rodgers guy has firearms in his background, served multiple times in prison. And then the Wayne Wright, the guy who`s friends with the husband, also served time for manufacturing methamphetamines. Both of them were in prison.

    GRACE: With me, Rita Cosby, investigative journalist, WABC host.

    To special guest Sheriff Mike Scott, Lee County sheriff. Sheriff, thank you for being with us. Have you guys determined whether there was a life insurance policy on Dr. Sievers?

    SCOTT: We have, but again, I`m not at liberty to specify anything with regard to that. But we are aware of that. In other words, that`s an angle that we`re very much aware of and very much on top of.

    GRACE: Unleash the lawyers, Robin Ficker and Jacoby Hudson. First to you, Ficker, joining me out of D.C. Why is this only a murder two charge?

    Because if these two drove all the way from Missouri, 1,200 miles, to kill Dr. Sievers, they had plenty of time to plan this.

    FICKER: That`s why the attorneys for these two men have to fight extradition because Florida is a capital murder case. They`re going to look for the death penalty. But here, I think the sheriff Scott`s certainty that he has his men is inversely proportional to the facts. They can`t trace the money, there are no fingerprints, they don`t have the DNA. He`s guessing.

    GRACE: Whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa. We heard the neighbor say, did we not, Jacoby Hudson, she saw police taking a bloody jumpsuit, which P.S.,

    this guy, the Hammer, wore a jumpsuit at a previous job, out of his vehicle, an ice chest covered in blood, out of his vehicle. Long story short, why would these guys argue extradition? That`s not determining if you`re guilty or not, it`s just are you Wright, are you Rodgers. That`s the only question on extradition they`re fighting. They`re not coming from Missouri to Florida without a fight. Why, Jacoby?

    HUDSON: Well, they`re going to fight extradition because Florida is a capital -- is a capital state. So they could be seeking the death penalty in Florida. So they will fight extradition for the simple fact that they don`t want to be subjected to the laws of Florida.

    GRACE: Put them back up. I`m going to go to Sheriff Mike Scott and get a straight answer. Sheriff, isn`t it true you can fight extradition, but the only question on extradition is, are you Jimmy Rodgers? Are you Curtis Wayne Wright? All they have to do is compare the fingerprints and they`re on their way to Florida?

    SCOTT: That`s correct. They`re going to come to Florida regardless. The only question is Rodgers, with his stint in the federal prison right now for probation violation, is whether or not he comes and at what point. But that process is going to happen regardless of what either wants to do. Our governor will sign a warrant to bring them here. There's no question in my mind they'll both come to Florida to face these charges.

    GRACE: Do you think there`s still a killer at large? Do you believe this investigation is not over, Sheriff?

    SCOTT: I absolutely can tell you this investigation is not over. There`s no question that it`s ongoing. We still have people literally working around the clock and continuing to follow leads and developing information.

    http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIP.../01/ng.01.html - link for the transcript

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    Little insight offered from will of slain Bonita Springs doctor Teresa Sievers
    5:43 PM, Sep 4, 2015

    Sievers’ will, which was drafted in 2009, designates her husband, Mark Sievers, as the personal representative of her estate. In the event that Mark Sievers is also deceased or otherwise unqualified, Teresa Sievers asked that her brother be appointed as her personal representative and also as guardian of the couple’s children.

    direct link to document: https://www.documentcloud.org/docume...vers-will.html

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    Suspect in Sievers' case arrested, released prior to murder charge
    In this NBC-2 video, it states CWW was arrested July 12 and released the same day.

    Suspect in Sievers' case held prior to murder charge
    Posted: Sep 04, 2015 4:03 PM CST Updated: Sep 04, 2015 5:17 PM CST

    According to officials in Jefferson County, Missouri, 47-year-old Curtis Wayne Wright was arrested and released one month before he was picked up on the second-degree murder charge.
    Wright, a childhood friend of Sievers' husband Mark, was arrested July 12 in Missouri, where he was booked into the Jefferson County Jail. According to an official there, he was being held as deputies awaited a warrant to be filed in his case.
    Wright was initially arrested as detectives waited for a warrant in the case to be filed. He was booked into jail at 6 a.m. July 12, only to be released more than 12 hours later.
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    Some old articles that were never posted, and new ones

    Colleague of slain Estero doctor reflects on ‘Mother Teresa' by Jessica Lipscomb This is undated and old, but capturing as is not listed above

    "When Dr. Teresa Sievers met Lenka Spiska about four years ago, the two women immediately hit it off. Siievers, an Estero doctor board certified in internal medicine, was looking for someone to bring in components of the mind and spirit to her practice. When she met Spiska, a quantum healer and intuologist, it felt like a natural partnership. " more at link


    Get more: Dr. Sievers homicide investigation Posted: Jul 02, 2015 7:19 PM EST Another old article which hasn't been captured yet.


    ""She just didn't show up to work. I got the phone call from the secretary," Lanka Spiska said. That's how Dr. Teresa Sievers' closest colleague and friend said she got the news of her death....While investigators are still looking for answers outside Sievers' home in Estero, Spiska said she wants to focus not on how Sievers died, but how she lived. She will carry on her legacy and promote her way of healing."

    Men accused in Teresa Sievers slaying hung out together before killing happened Jessica Lipscomb 8:11 PM, Aug 28, 2015 Another older article, capturing for the future.


    Jimmy Rodgers, 25, and Curtis “Wayne” Wright Jr., 47, appeared together in a photo posted to Facebook on May 30 by Rodgers’ girlfriend, Taylor Shomaker, who called it a “pretty good night.”

    On June 7, Shomaker also posted a set of photos of herself with both Rodgers and Wright, although the two men did not appear in pictures together. Shomaker was wearing the same shirt, makeup and hairstyle in all the photos, suggesting the three were together that night.


    Scott opens "envelope of suspicion" on HLN
    Posted: Sep 01, 2015 10:43 PM EST By Michael Colaianni, Reporter

    "Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott told HLN's Nancy Grace on Tuesday night that "no one is outside the envelope of suspicion" when it comes to the murder of Teresa Sievers. Scott told Grace his detectives are continuing to comb through a "mountain of circumstantial and physical evidence," and that one of the men arrested last week - Curtis Wright - has a security background. He refused comment when Grace asked him whether there was a safe in the Sievers' home at the time of the murder."


    “Wrongfully accused,” says attorney for Sievers murder suspect
    By Sam Smink • September 3, 2015
    Video and article http://www.winknews.com/2015/09/03/w...urder-suspect/

    "Wright’s attorney Daris Almond says he believes in Wright’s innocence, saying “evidence will clearly show Wright did not participate in the crime.” He added, “the state cannot prove any involvement beyond a reasonable doubt.”

    Wright is due in court on September 15 for a bond hearing. Sheriff Scott says they have a very large envelope of suspicion. “Our team has put it all out and our foot is on the gas pedal... We want to get to the finish line, of course, where we think we have it wrapped up, but we are not there yet,” said Scott. At this point in the case, Sheriff Scott could not confirm or deny if Sievers had a life insurance policy or if she had a new life insurance policy.

    Sheriff reveals more details in Sievers killing on 'Nancy Grace'
    Jessica Lipscomb 8:56 PM, Sep 3, 2015

    Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott appeared on the “Nancy Grace” show Thursday night, providing a few new details about the killing of Dr. Teresa Sievers.Last week, Scott announced that two Missouri men, Jimmy Rodgers and Curtis “Wayne” Wright, had been named on warrants for second-degree murder in Sievers’ death. Rodgers was sentenced Wednesday to six months in federal prison for violating his probation by leaving the state of Missouri. Prosecutors said he was spotted at a Fort Myers Walmart on June 28, the day before Sievers was found dead in her Bonita Springs home.
    On air Thursday, Scott said for the first time that Wright had accompanied Rodgers to Walmart before Sievers was killed. The sheriff said investigators knew exactly what the two men had purchased but declined to say specifically what those items were.
    Scott did not directly answer Grace’s question as to whether there were toll booths that photographed the men driving between Florida and Missouri but said there was a trail of some sort.
    “We have been able to basically follow virtually their every move as this investigation unfolds,” the sheriff said. “It’s been a great help to us along the way. Both digital footprints and otherwise, no stone will be unturned here.”
    Asked about a possible connection between the doctor's husband, Mark Sievers, and Rodgers, Scott said he couldn't elaborate.
    "Let me just say again, as has been the case all along, there are things relative to this specific relationship that we know about that we're not able to reveal," the sheriff said.
    Grace asked Scott why the doctor’s husband and daughters stayed behind in Connecticut while she flew home Sunday to open up the practice Monday morning.
    “I don’t really think I’m really able to say with certainty why he stayed there but I can tell that you that again, as our investigation unfolded, you know, we continue to develop evidence that would lead us to, at least as I shared with you the other night, you know, keeping him within an envelope of suspicion as we would with any case, again, family members, business associates and otherwise," Scott said.
    Grace quickly quashed speculation that Teresa Sievers could have been having an affair, something the sheriff said he couldn't confirm or deny.
    "She was very much a victim," Scott said. "Our investigation leads us to say that nothing she did brought this upon herself. She didn't put herself in a position of peril."
    Grace also interviewed Sarah Hanneken, one of Wright’s neighbors in Hillsboro, Missouri, who said his trailer was raided by a SWAT team on July 12. Hanneken said about six or seven paper bags and a laptop were removed from the home.
    According to Hanneken, Wright and his new wife were taken into custody for about three days, after which the two “went into hiding for a while.”
    Hanneken said the couple then left to stay with a relative in Farmington, Missouri, only returning about two weeks ago.
    Rodgers’ boss, Tyler Juliette, who was first interviewed by the Daily News earlier this week, told Grace that his foreman had called Rodgers on June 28 to see if he’d be able to work June 29, the same day Sievers body was discovered. Rodgers told his foreman he was out of town in Florida visiting his brother.
    When he arrived back to work later that week, Rodgers told Juliette that his brother had paid for the trip and also bought him a new wardrobe.
    In typical Grace fashion, the host mused about Rodgers’ free vacation, new clothes and the $10,000 payment he reportedly told his girlfriend he would receive that weekend.
    “I wonder how he’s enjoying that behind bars in Missouri in the federal penitentiary right now,” Grace quipped.

    **(NOTE BELOW ARTICLE which states that media called the jail, and he was only held for 12 hours/conflicts with this statement by neighbor)

    Sheriff Scott reveals how Sievers murder suspect was linked to crime
    By SAM SMINK & ADAM WRIGHT • September 4, 2015 3 min Video and article

    “He told me his brother had invited him to a Florida for the weekend… they just wanted to get together and kind is celebrate his brother’s graduation from law school. He said his brother was paying for the whole trip,” Conway told WINK News.

    WINK News has been in constant contact with Rodgers’ brother ever since news of the arrests broke. He told us he had no knowledge of any trip to Florida his brother ever made. In fact, Rodgers’ brother hasn’t even graduated law school yet."


    Suspect in Sievers' case held prior to murder charge
    Posted: Sep 04, 2015 5:03 PM EST By Trent Kelly, Reporter 2 min Video and article

    "Wright was initially arrested as detectives waited for a warrant in the case to be filed. He was booked into jail at 6 a.m. July 12, (e.d. one month before later arrest) only to be released more than 12 hours later." (NOTE ABOVE ARTICLE which states neighbor said they were there 3 days/conflicts with this statement)

    NOTE: This video also states he was being held while deputies awaited a warrant for his arrest/warrant was pending (first arrest when he was released)... neighbor told a local cable channel that she saw him being arrested and also said she saw the authorities take away Wright's wife and a young boy along with paper bags and a laptop.
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    Posted on main thread re discussion of trainer appt Monday night of murder ..

    Here is a link to ABC7's 11:00 p.m. newscast from July 6, 2015, on which an interview of the personal trainer was aired, saying,






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    mni wiconi - Lakota for Water is Life.

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    Nancy Grace
    Neighbor tells of raid on home in doctor's slaying
    updated2:46 PM EDT, Tue September 08, 2015

    video at link has photos of the July 12 raid on CWW's trailer in the video.

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