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    Link to Dr. Sievers' Youtube video library reference thread:

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    Gov. Scott signs Wright extradition application
    Posted: Sep 09, 2015 5:16 PM CST

    It got all the way to Scott because Wright will not waive extradition, meaning he won't leave a Missouri jail without a fight.

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    Sheriff Mike Scott Talks About the Strange Murder of Dr. Teresa Sievers
    Websleuths Radio

    Joining us Wednesday September 9th 7 PM Eastern is the Sheriff in charge of the case Sheriff Mike Scott.

    Sheriff Scott has graciously agreed to talk with us for a half hour and I promise you don't want to miss a minute.

    Audio interview at link.

    Pre-broadcast questions and broadcast discussion thread:.
    Sheriff Mike Scott/Sievers Murder Case/Wed Sept 9th ***READ ONLY***

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    Florida Gov. Rick Scott signs application for extradition of accused killer in Sievers case
    6:34 PM, Sep 9, 2015 Updated 11:30 PM, Sep 9, 2015
    Subscribers only:

    On Wednesday night, the Lee County sheriff answered questions in a half-hour segment on an Internet radio show called Websleuths Radio.

    Scott confirmed Lee County detectives raided Wright’s trailer July 12 along with FBI agents and authorities from Missouri. He would not say exactly what investigators found but described it as “a substantial amount of what we believe is significant evidence.”

    Scott said the evidence was tested at private labs in Florida and in some cases sent elsewhere in the country for specialized testing.

    Scott said Wright’s arrival in Florida, which he expects “sooner rather than later,” will trigger the release of initial charging documents that provide a preliminary look into the crime. Most records, including the audio recording of the 911 call, have at this point been exempted because of the ongoing investigation.

    more at link.

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    Link to News-Press.com

    Murdered doctor had planned to come home early, alone

    <snip> More at link

    Dr. Teresa Sievers' trip home June 28 — the day before she was found murdered in her Bonita Springs home — was not spur of the moment but rather planned to get back to work the next day.

    "That's not a real spontaneous thing. It was planned," Sheriff MIke Scott said during an interview with The News-Press on Thursday.

    Sheriff Scott said suspicion in a case like this, in which the identity of the person or persons responsible for a homicide is not clear, detectives cast the net wide for suspects as well as witnesses.

    "Who would I expect to know more," he said. "A wife, brother, close associate? That's where we go with this."

    Nobody has escaped that "envelope of suspicion," Scott said, with the net cast as close as her husband. "Husband, wife, children, brother, sister, immediate friends, close family friends and business associates," he said, are all in the envelope when investigating a homicide.

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    Sievers' family friend sheds new light on home's security system
    Posted: Sep 11, 2015 6:30 PM EDT

    For the first time, we heard from a woman who has known Teresa's husband, Mark Sievers, for more than 20 years. She says she spoke with him a week and a half after Teresa was killed.

    The woman revealed new clues about how the killer or killers may have gotten into the Bonita Springs home, where Teresa was found dead in June.


    Lifka says Wright used to do IT work for her son's business, and that Wright has known Mark Sievers since grade school.
    She described a conversation her son had with Mark Sievers via email about Teresa's death.
    "I know Todd said to Mark, 'For God sakes Mark, did you not have a security system?'" said Lifka.
    Lifka says Mark Sievers expressed concern that his mother, who was checking on the home while the Sievers family vacationed in Connecticut, had somehow disarmed the system.
    "He said to Todd, 'I am so concerned that maybe she didn't put that alarm back on,'" said Lifka.

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    Sheriff: Arrests in Bonita Springs doctor's killing were planned ‘for weeks and weeks'
    Jessica Lipscomb
    7:28 PM, Sep 11, 2015

    It took eight weeks of investigating before authorities were able to arrest two Missouri men in connection with the death of Dr. Teresa Sievers, but Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott said plans to serve the men with warrants had been in motion long before that.
    Jimmy Rodgers, 25, and Curtis “Wayne” Wright, 47, were taken into custody in Missouri on Aug. 27.
    “We had known that was going to happen for weeks and weeks ahead of time,” he said in an interview Friday.
    Both Rodgers and Wright have been named on warrants for second-degree murder. The sheriff still isn’t ruling out future arrests in the case and said he continues to receive updates on a near hourly basis, including a tip he received by phone Friday.
    “I literally took a call on this case earlier today,” he said. “There’s a lot of, as I’ve said, moving parts, angles, twists and turns as it continues to unfold.”
    Scott still has not identified how Sievers was killed or the motive behind her death. There’s much he says he can’t talk about at this point in the investigation, including the family’s alarm system, whether anything was taken from the home or if the family’s pets were there when Sievers was killed.
    “Most of the questions I’ve been asked about this case I know the answer to, but I just can’t say,” the sheriff said.
    Scott did confirm there was forced entry into the home, saying he believed most people had seen the TV footage of a door with “really significant pry marks” being carried away from the scene. He declined to clarify the timeline of the hours before and after the killing, saying it was “too detailed, too germane” to the investigation.
    Although the results are not generally admissible in court, Scott would not say if the two suspects or anyone else had been offered or actually taken a polygraph examination.
    The sheriff was able to discredit a neighbor’s story that Wright and his wife had been taken into custody for three days in Missouri following a raid on Wright’s trailer July 12.
    “I believe someone out of Missouri was saying that, but that is inaccurate,” he said. “All we can ever control is the information that comes from our office. I can’t control some neighbor in Missouri.”
    Other than that detail, Scott said most of what he’s seen reported in the news has been “fairly accurate,” although the reported information is still an incomplete picture.
    “I’m not aware of any glaring inaccuracies,” he said.
    As the investigation continues, Scott said his agency has been in touch with Sievers’ two young daughters to check and see how they are doing.
    “We certainly want to make sure they are OK, and we believe they are,” he said.
    In addition to her daughters, Scott said he recognizes that others also have been victimized by Sievers’ death.
    “No victim paid any price close to what Dr. Sievers paid, but there are other victims — friends, patients, family members, and in an indirect way, the community — who have a great deal of grief and concern,” he said.
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    Man accused in Bonita doctor's killing considered person of interest in minister's disappearance
    12:00 PM, Sep 12, 2015
    A Missouri man accused in the killing of Dr. Teresa Sievers is an active person of interest in the 1996 disappearance of a Missouri minister whose body has never been found.

    Curtis “Wayne” Wright, 47, has been a person of interest in the disappearance of 33-year-old Ronnie Bolin for nearly as long as detectives have been investigating, according to Missouri officials.

    “He was a person of interest back when they first started investigating the case, and he’s still a person of interest now,” said Lt. Doc Coombs of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in Hillsboro, Missouri.

    Coombs said he spoke with Wright on Wednesday from the county jail where he is being held.

    “I just said, ‘If you decide you would like to speak with me about Mr. Bolin’s demise, you can get in touch with me,’ and I left it at that,” Coombs said. “I didn’t anticipate that he was going to talk to me, but I wanted to let him know we were still investigating the case.”

    Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott declined to answer questions about the Bolin case. But speaking generally, the sheriff said he wouldn’t rule out the possibility that other crimes could be solved following the investigation into Sievers’ death.

    The last time anyone heard from Bolin was on July 8, 1996. His white Subaru was found the next day at a car wash in St. Louis, with the front driver’s door open and keys still inside the vehicle.

    Bolin had been a preacher for several years and was employed as a temporary clerical and computer worker at the time he went missing, according to a 1996 story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

    Around 2001, a Missouri inmate being held in a stabbing case confessed to killing nearly a dozen victims, one of which he said was Bolin. The inmate later recanted, and prosecutors said they believed he was seeking to derail his trial for the stabbing.

    Meanwhile, detectives in Jefferson County continue to investigate the possibility that Wright was involved in Bolin’s disappearance. Coombs said Wright and Bolin “were associates” but declined to comment further on their relationship.

    One of Bolin’s relatives said the two families became friends after Bolin met Wright through church as a teenager. The relative asked not to be named in this story out of fear for retribution.

    Before his disappearance, the relative said Bolin had gotten mixed up in drugs and began using methamphetamine with Wright.

    “It was so out of character for him,” the relative said. “He just got messed up in stuff that I can’t even imagine.”

    Wright’s criminal history includes a handful of drug charges, including an arrest for possession in May 1996, just two months before Bolin went missing. Police in a suburb of St. Louis found a .22-caliber revolver, a black plastic scale and three glass vials of a white powdery substance in Wright’s Camaro during a traffic stop, according to an arrest report.

    Wright told the officer he used the crystal meth to stay awake while working nights. Reports show he was working for a technology company at the time.

    Now that Wright is once again behind bars, Bolin’s family members are hopeful they might finally get answers.

    “This may finally be the way to get him to start talking about what happened,” the relative said. “We just want it resolved.”
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    Wright court appearance 9/15/2015 - Updated modified version

    Suspect in Dr. Teresa Sievers' death appears in court

    In the five-minute hearing, Curtis Wayne Wright Jr. challenged his extradition to Lee County and asked the judge not to set bond.
    Wright appeared uneasy during the proceedings. He labored to scratch his face with his chained hands and puffed his cheeks as he looked up at the courtroom ceiling.
    Wright's attorney, Daris Almond, said waiving the bond was procedural because the seriousness of Wright's charge means he's not entitled to bond in Missouri.
    and Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon allowed Jefferson County courts Friday the option of extraditing Wright to Florida so he can stand trial, ...

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    "Deputies, animal control officers called to Sievers home"


    Just received link at 7:36am this morning, WINK reported this last night after it occurred in the afternoon, yesterday 9/15/2015

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    Missouri man accused of killing Florida doctor drops bond request
    September 16, 2015, 8:58 AM
    During a five-minute court hearing Tuesday in Jefferson County, south of St. Louis, an attorney for Curtis Wayne Wright Jr., 47, withdrew a request for a judge to set bond, pending Wright's scheduled extradition hearing Sept. 30.
    Sheriff Mike Scott in Florida's Lee County has said recently that the investigation of Sievers' death is ongoing, and he didn't rule out additional arrests.

    A message left Tuesday with Wright's Missouri attorney, Daris Almond Jr., seeking comment on the allegations against him was not returned.

    Hillsboro man awaiting extradition on murder charge called ‘person of interest’ in 19-year-old disappearance
    Posted: Wednesday, September 16, 2015 8:15 pm

    “I just wanted to make myself available to him,” Coombs said. “I said if you’d like to speak, I’d like to hear from you. He did not respond. I haven’t gotten any calls from him.”
    According to Jefferson County court records, Wright was being held without bond in the Jefferson County Jail after being charged Aug. 31 as a Fugitive from Out of State, an unclassified felony.
    Rodgers, meanwhile, was being held in the St. Francois County Jail, according to published reports.

    Sheriff's Office back at Teresa Sievers' crime scene after alarm
    2:03 PM, Sep 16, 2015 Updated 4 hours ago
    “All we can say at this time is we responded and then summoned Animal Services regarding a dog,” said agency spokesman Tony Schall.
    An automated crime map on the Sheriff’s Office website shows deputies responded to an alarm on the Sievers’ block just before 3 p.m. Tuesday. Neighbors said they heard an alarm going off around the Sievers’ home before deputies arrived.

    On Wednesday afternoon, one of the Sievers’ dogs could be seen through an open gate running around the backyard. Later in the day, neighbors said the dog ran out of the yard toward East Terry Street before returning home.

    UPDATE: Deputies, animal services called to Sievers home
    September 16, 2015
    UPDATE: Sheriff Mike Scott tells WINK News Mark Sievers has contacted Lee County Animal Services.

    “(He) explained to them the reasoning perhaps for the dog being a little disheveled is that his schedule has been changed dramatically since the passing of his wife, the death of his wife, and then he explained because of media coverage he’s not coming and going to the residence as he typically would,” Scott said.

    Scott added the dog in question is quite old, which may be why it appeared in poor health. Scott said Animal Services described the dog’s health as “marginal” and he does not anticipate Sievers will be given a citation.

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    LCSO returns from Missouri INTERVIEW

    Interview by Chris Cifatte from Wink News at the SWFL airport with LCSO Major Crime Unit upon their return from Missouri:


    If the key does not fit, it's the wrong key.

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    Husband of murdered Estero doctor says he avoids media
    3:18 p.m. EDT September 17, 2015
    A spokesman for Lee County Domestic Animal Services said the agency was called at the request of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday to the home to check the condition of the animals present.

    After visiting the scene and making contact with the owner, the spokesman said it was determined the animals were being cared for. Animal Services closed its case later Tuesday.

    The animal services report said Lee deputies called when they saw two black dogs who appeared thin. An animal services officer said one dog appeared thin with skin issues. "However, the dog was a senior dog and appeared OK at the time," the officer said in a report, adding: "The canines are not in distress at this time."
    more at link.

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    Sievers suspect's wife stands by her man, relative says
    9:19 p.m. EDT September 22, 2015

    Wideman, 60, said her family has known Mark Sievers for more than 20 years. "I haven't talked to him since he was engaged to my little sister (Shelly) about 24 years ago."

    The family has also come to know Rodgers.

    "Jimmy was always hanging around with Wayne," she said, adding that Rodgers helped the family from time to time, offering transportation.

    Dr. Sievers' associate now practices on her own
    8:31 p.m. EDT September 23, 2015

    “I want to stress the fact that I am not in that office any longer. Yes, there’s still an answering machine saying that I am, but I’m not,” Spiska said.

    Why is her name still there, even though both the site and the phone message have been updated since Sievers’ death? Mark Sievers wasn’t available to ask.

    The office phone offers a recording that includes his phone number, but his voice mailbox is full and can’t take messages.

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    Deadline Approaching For Wright to Avoid Extradition

    From NBC2 - Video at link

    The clock is ticking for one of the men accused of murdering Dr. Teresa Sievers inside her Bonita Springs home. According to Curtis Wayne Wright's attorney, Friday is the last day he'll be able to file a formal petition to stop -- or delay -- Wright's extradition back to Lee County.

    Mark Sievers, who's said to be best friends with Wright, has posted No Trespassing signs on the Jarvis Road property in Bonita Springs. The signs, neighbors say, simply lead to an uneasy feeling. Mark Sievers, who's said to be best friends with Wright, has posted No Trespassing signs on the Jarvis Road property in Bonita Springs. The signs, neighbors say, simply lead to an uneasy feeling.

    Lenka Spiska, who worked in Teresa Sievers' office, said she no longer works there but said several patients are frustrated with the fact that Mark Sievers cannot be reached -- which leaves them with no idea where their medical records are or how to get them back.

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