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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    If you could ask Kyron's Mother Desiree a question what would it be?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am working on an interview with Desiree, Kryon's mother.

    Desiree will not have a lot of time during the so I would like to ask her would you want to know.

    Ok, let me know

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    Oh Canada....
    Hi Tricia,

    I would say this to Desiree.

    "I live in the UK. Kyron's birthday is the day before mine. The little guy has a special place in my heart. I want to know how you manage to remain so gracious and controlled through this? It's obvious to most that you are carrying so much pain, and yet you continue to show dignity and humility throughout this. You are an inspiration. - Blef"
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    I’m so glad to hear you’re going to do an interview with DY! So many questions. Let’s see.

    1) Who was seen at “Kaine’s truck” during the Science Fair? Were any “unknown” persons seen at this same time? Was Kyron confirmed to be at the truck during this same sighting? At what time was this sighting made?

    2) When was the last confirmed sighting of Kyron within the school? (So many conflicting reports about this!) Was he with or without Terri? Where in the school was he last seen?

    3) Can you tell us more about the circumstances of the sighting claiming Terri, Ky, and Kiara were seen leaving the school together? Again, what time did this occur?

    4) Is there solid proof that Terri told the teacher Ky had a doctor’s appointment on the day of his disappearance? Did Kyron, indeed, have a doctor’s appointment?

    5) You’ve said Terri wrote emails showing her hatred toward Ky. What, exactly, did those emails say that convinced you she could do Ky harm?

    6) What evidence is there that Terri was eliminating/throwing away Kyron’s “things,” as you mentioned on Facebook?

    7) Do you believe Andrea Leaky saw and talked to Terri at Fred Meyer when Andrea says she did? (I’ve always had my doubts about AL’s story, given her past love of the limelight.)

    8) The timing of Ky’s disappearance has always seemed odd. Do you think Ky “knew” something that threatened Terri and she needed to keep him from spilling the beans before he spent extended time with you during the summer?

    9) If Ky was privy to “dirt” on Terri, what do you think that was?

    10) Aside from her uncaring silence, what is the most damning evidence that you’ve seen convincing you of her guilt? Can you speculate regarding her motivation? Do you think steroids played a part in the story?

    11) Has anyone searched the Wolf Creek area west of, and up the hill from, Scappoose?

    11) Love and support to you, Desiree.

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    I would like to know:

    1) What her theory is on how Terri got Kyron out of the school that morning.
    2) Where was James the day Kyron disappeared. There are different stories, some saying he was camping, some saying he was visiting Portland on a previously planned trip.
    3) Does she think DeeDee Spicher was involved, and if so, how?
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    Hindsight being what it is, was there a time when you recognized a shift in Teri's demeanor or behavior toward Kyron, you, Kaine or your husband? If so, did it correlate with anything in particular such as the birth of K, bodybuilding, possibly starting to drink way too much, her "friendship" with DeeDee or ???
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    First I'd like to say what an amazing and dedicated mother Desiree is. The family has all my prayers that he is brought home.

    So many questions

    I can't find the article but I remember someone said they saw Teri leaving the school with him. Is this accurate and who saw it?

    It looked like Teri parked in an odd and inconvenient spot for helping deliver such a large display. Especially with carrying a baby. Is it a strange place to park or do the pictures just make it look that way ?

    Did she take the baby with her to all stores looking for "medicine"? What "medicine" was she looking for that so many stores didn't have ? Was the baby taken to the gym daycare that day? Most day cares will not accept a sick baby. Was she really sick? People would notice a crying baby at a school .

    At the press conference Teri gave this eye roll look while fake crying that screamed to me "Are they buying it?" From that point I've thought her guilty. What was your Ah Ha moment?

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    Oh and why would she deliver the project but not help him bring it home?

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    Why did you get a restraining order against Kaine during your split? You mention being concerned about your son from a previous relationship.

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    How much time has to by before she demands an arrest?

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    Gosh, all such good questions.

    I'd love to hear the answers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tricia View Post
    Hi Everyone,

    I am working on an interview with Desiree, Kryon's mother.

    Desiree will not have a lot of time during the so I would like to ask her would you want to know.

    Ok, let me know

    Hi Desiree,

    My questions are in groups:

    I have some questions about the searches you do:
    What are you looking for when you do these searches?
    How do you decide where your team searches?
    How much does it cost you to do a search?

    The age-progression:
    Do you feel that the most recent age progression of Kyron is most likely accurate based on what you have seen of Kaine at that age?
    Could you please post a photo of yourself and Kaine (separately of course) at the age of 14 or thereabouts?

    Do you feel that Kaine has cooperated with law enforcement?
    Do you think he lied to you or tricked you?
    Is Kaine helping to support your endeavors?

    Do you still believe that DeDe Spicher was involved?
    Didn't MCSO exonerate her or at least declare that they don't think she was involved?

    Your personal feelings:
    Why you believe so strongly that Terri 'disappeared' Kyron (abducted him or killed him)? Why are you so certain?

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