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    Australia - Beer drinking camel, donkey friend shot with arrows at new home

    A 15-year old Camel called Twinkles who became famous for drinking beer in a video with former owner Ray Aylett, has been shot dead with an arrow an hour after arriving at its new home in Banka Banka Station in Northern Territory. Its best pal of 10 years, See See the donkey, was found mortally wounded with an arrow and had to be euthanized. Manager Bob Warde said:

    "Then I went back to check on them, and I just thought the donkey was having a roll in the dirt.

    "When I got up close I saw the two [puncture] holes in the donkey."

    Mr Warde said the donkey had to be put down a short time later, and the camel was found dead in nearby bushland with an arrow still in its body.
    A vehicle was seen nearby and a police investigation is underway.

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    We 'embraced' the missing Bob Harrod case as requested but 6 years on, are still waiting for further guidance

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    Oh my god, who could do such a thing!! I love the Northern Territory, but there are some backwards f*cked up people living in the outback.

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    How senseless and cruel! My heart always breaks for those so vulnerable. What kind of a coward can do such things; wait I know, a budding sociopath!
    My opinion only, unless referenced or supported by a link. Thank you!

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