Tajikistan, a little known state northeast of Afghanistan, has some funny rules about birthday celebrations. To stop families ratcheting up big debts for weddings etc, parties were banned in 2007. It's become known as the 'no parties' state. The rule only seems to apply to your average Joe though, and citizens say it isn't fair:

One oft-cited example is a video leaked onto YouTube in 2013 showing 62-year-old President Emomali Rahmon singing and dancing exuberantly at a lavish wedding for his oldest son.
Computer geek Amirbek Isayev unwisely decided to break the rules and invited 13 friends to celebrate his 25th birthday in an Irish-theme pub in the capital Dushanbe in June. The total bill for 13 people came to $80 and he even had a small cake - a picture of which he posted on Facebook.

Whoops! Two months on the pic was spotted and Amirbek has just been slapped with a $600 fine - 15 times the average Tajik weekly wage. Amirbek is unemployed anyhow and says he can't pay and intends to appeal.

There is also something in the story about the president's son Somoni being impersonated by a schoolboy who managed to extort $50,000 from a businessman in a fake land deal. No idea what that's about.