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    IN - Marjorie Jackson, 66, Indianapolis, 2 May 1977 - her millions still missing

    Murdered heiress, mystery, missing millions and more

    The case remains one of the most fabled crimes in Indiana history thanks to a cast of characters who seem like they jumped out of the script of a Coen brothers movie:

    The eccentric grocery chain heiress who kept a table set in anticipation of the return of Jesus Christ, who covered doorknobs and heating vents with aluminum foil and stashed millions of dollars in trash bags, toolboxes, dresser drawers and garbage cans.

    A pair of bumbling burglars, one characterized as a small-town hick and the other as a streetwise city hustler.

    A sheriff nicknamed “Diamond Don,” who wore a jewel-studded vest and bragged about his past gambling exploits.

    Even celebrity lawyer F. Lee Bailey.

    Then there were the unbelievable — if they hadn’t been true — details and plot twists....
    much more at indystar.com link above

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    What a crazy tale. I really doubt there'll ever be an answer to this one though!

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