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    Tammy Lee Pipe Vancouver & Agassiz BC 1995

    Tammy Lee PIPE

    Cold Case Files

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    Name : Tammy Lee PIPE (aka: Starr)
    Location : near Agassiz, British Columbia
    Details : On Saturday, September 2nd, 1995, the nude body of 24 year old Tammy PIPE was discovered in a remote wooded area approximately 10 kilometers north of the Lougheed Highway #7, along the road to Mount Woodside hang glider launch area, near Aggasiz, BC. Tammy’s body was located in the middle of a side road with no attempt to conceal it.
    Tammy frequently gave money and clothing to the poor, however she began to use cocaine and then became a Street Trade Worker to support her drug habit. Tammy worked the Vancouver downtown eastside area, around the Patricia Hotel on Hastings Street and the area of Victoria Drive and Franklin Street. Tammy occasionally took to the stage and performed ‘interpretive dance routines’ and was locally regarded as a ‘stripper’. She was known to travel throughout the Lower Mainland area.
    Tammy had pre-paid rent and was last seen at the Cobalt Hotel on Main Street, Vancouver, BC., in the late afternoon on Tuesday August 29th, 1995.
    Contact : If you have any information about this case, please contact:

    File : Agassiz Detachment File: 1995 - 2942
    RCMP Headquarters File: 2004 - 1283

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    "It really hurt," said Younker's sister Cathy. "I want the public to know that it wasn't Pickton and there is another serial killer out there."

    She says her sister worked as a stripper in Victoria and had a loving relationship. But then health problems and drugs caused her to gain weight.

    "She started working on the streets here in Victoria," said Cathy. "She could make more money to support her habit in Vancouver, so that's where she went."

    No one knows whose vehicle Younker got into, but she got into the wrong one. Cathy never saw her sister again.

    16 years later, police are still hunting Vancouver's other serial killer. They look for any patterns to connect victims with suspects. Last month they asked RCMP members in Alberta to interview someone.

    They already have perhaps what would be a key piece of evidence: the killer's DNA.

    "Every week someone else is being compared that we're interested in, and being eliminated," said McCarl. "Eventually we'll hit on the right person, and that person will be identified."

    But to narrow down the suspect list police need to solve certain mysteries. They want to know exactly what a set of tiny yellow flecks that were found in the crime scene are.

    They want to know who had a red four by four that could have navigated the rough terrain in the Valley. McCarl says a fleck of red automotive paint is connected to the killer.

    They also showed a set of zap straps that are like one the killer would have used.

    On top of that, the team of detectives constantly goes over the patterns of interactions that the victims and the suspects may have had to find new leads.

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