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    Administrators posting for Verified Sources **Reference Only**

    In every case the Websleuths rules are grey. Rarely are the rules black and white.

    In my experience as owner since 2004 I have never seen anything like what is going on in the Sievers case.

    We have many legitimate insiders contacting us with information, but they won't become verified and post because they are afraid of the people involved. They worry their family's safety could be compromised if they are discovered posting. Some of these people are not registered on Websleuths. This is all through phone and email.

    These people want to help. They want to do something but they feel helpless because of the safety issue.

    Therefore, we are taking the unusual step of verifying the authenticity of their insider status as we do with every verified insider, the only difference being myself or administrator will be posting for them on the forum.

    We will be very cautious not to post information that could somehow compromise their identity.

    We will identify these people by number. VI 1, VI 2, VI, 3 and so on.

    This will be a Reference Only thread and remain locked as it will not be open for questions or discussion.

    I have verified VI 1.

    VI 1 - This person has told me Jimmy Rodgers and Curtis Wayne Wright met in county jail while awaiting their criminal trials. It was either St. Francis county jail or St. Genevieve county jail.

    Anyone wishing to be verified or if you have any questions please write websleuthscomments@gmail.com
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    Can we discuss what you post as VI's in th regular threads? TIA
    Find Heather
    Find Eric Lee Franks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Momoffourboys View Post
    Can we discuss what you post as VI's in th regular threads? TIA
    Yes. This information can be referenced in the topical discussion threads.

    Locking thread now.

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    VI 2 - email sent by Mark Sievers on 10/05/2015

    From: RHHC <info@rhhcenter.com>
    Date: October 5, 2015 at 6:09:30 PM EDT
    To: [redacted]
    Subject: A message from our spokesperson
    Reply-To: info@rhhcenter.com

    I am writing to give everybody an update as to the future of the practice, your medical records and a return of pre-payment for new patient visits.

    Just for clarification, we can not order labs, make referrals or authorize prescription refills as we are not working with a doctor at this time.

    To date, we have been unsuccessful in finding a like minded and like hearted physician to step into the practice and I feel it would be a disservice to all of you if we settled for anything less.

    Due to IT (information technology) & email issues I have not been able to send the medical records as I originally planned. Please mail your request to the office address:

    10201 Arcos Ave. Suite 201
    Estero, FL 33928

    and I will have them processed as soon as possible.

    My computer and networking equipment that I have used to access & send medical records has not been in my custody since the death of my wife, Teresa. When I go to the office I seem to encounter the press, thus making it much more difficult.

    I am currently working on a solution to this and will start sending records out again this week.

    If you had already scheduled a new patient visit and had paid your pre-payment, please send me a request in writing for a refund (if you have not received one yet) and I will be processing those as soon as I can.

    On another note, I have spoken with the manufacturers and distributors for the supplements and they have agreed to allow our patients to continue to order supplements under Dr. Sievers name (indefinitely) as you have already become accustomed to doing so.
    Dr Sangeeta Pati (who was a mentor to Teresa) is accepting new patients in Orlando & patients would need to visit her once a year. Please call her directly at [redacted] for more information.

    I am sorry for the delay in sending this update. I will be sending more updates as they develop. My daughters and I grea
    tly appreciate your support and prayers during this tragic time in our lives.


    Mark Sievers


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    VI 3

    Regarding some ambiguous statements released in the recent discovery, VI 3 clarifies and confirms the following:

    AWW's 24 yr old daughter "C" (deceased - March 2015) - "C" was looking for a new place to live and needed someone to share living expenses. CWW introduced her to Jimmy Rodgers and CWW urged her to move in with him. "C" heeded CWW's advice and agreed with the understanding it was a platonic roommate sharing expenses arrangement. Soon after it became apparent that JR wanted more than a platonic relationship; however the feelings were not reciprocated by "C".. Things soon came to a head and "C" expressed to several family members that she was fearful and scared of JR. She stated, " He is weird. Different and not in a good way." She moved out and was not residing with JR during the time she became ill and passed away..

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    VI 4

    VI 4 confirms that the purple truck with the New Mexico license plates that was seen parked at the Sievers' residence for approximately a week, immediately prior to Mark's arrest, belongs to a Dr. Roy Heilbron.

    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************

    Apparently this is the "Dr. Roy" referenced in a letter received by several former patients today (April 1, 2016)

    The following was not furnished by VI 4 but was supplied by others

    Below is a copy & paste of the letter.

    Dear Patients and Friends:

    It has been brought to my attention that you may no longer be able to order Xymogen Supplements under Theresa's [sic] account after March 2016. You may order your supplements from any doctor who is affiliated with Xymogen. I was able to reach out to one of Teresa's colleagues who is an MD (and a integrative & holistic physician) located in Boca Raton. Dr Roy has been using Xymogen for some time now and has extended his privileges to Teresa's patients under his account "HEILR".

    If you have any questions about Xymogen Supplements, you may contact him directly on his cell phone.

    Take Care & G-d Bless you all.

    Mark Sievers
    Last edited by beach; 04-01-2016 at 11:34 PM. Reason: add [sic] bc I don't want anyone thinking I don't know how to spell Teresa's name!

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    VI 5

    Since the release of Batch 6 docs (calendar & text message contents retrieved from Mark Sievers' phone), VI 5 informed me that s/he is personally aware that Mark initiated texts and calls from Teresa's personal phone as well as his own. (Apparently TS's phone was not password protected, or either she trusted him? The VI did not clarify that point.)
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