Well, this death is not 'Up to the Minute' but the discovery is. Bones were found in:

".... Brazil, and is 6000 years older than the earliest confirmed decapitation in South America. (A suspected case of decapitation in Florida could be as old as 8000 years.) Whoever did the deed also cut off the personís hands, placing the right hand over the left side of the face and the left hand over the right side. But the team, which reports the find online today in PLOS ONE, thinks that this was not an enemy trophy head but possibly a case of ancestor skull worship...."

^ Story also has link (below) to the original loooooong research article. Beginning of the abstract:
"...Few Amerindian habits impressed the European colonizers more than the taking and displaying of human body parts, especially when decapitation was involved [1]. Although disputed by some authors [2], it has become widely accepted that decapitation was common among Native Americans across the entire continent and the archaeological evidence confirms that the practice has deep chronological roots [3]."
http://journals.plos.org/plosone/art...l.pone.0137456 Sept 23, 2015