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    Thank you to the people who want to help but are afraid to post

    Since no one can post on the thread started for the Administrators to post information from Verified people who are too afraid to even register here at Webslueths, I've started this thread so the members can have a way to thank them.

    I think any and all of you are very brave - and thankfully, also very persistent! It is great that you DID find a way to impart your knowledge and still be able to keep yourselves and your families safe. I cannot imagine that anyone here would want you to in any way endanger yourself or your loved ones.

    On a personal basis, I want to tell you that I am so sorry there even exists a situation where you have to experience this kind of fear. I truly hope that LE can get EVERYBODY who is connected with the two already arrested. And the way they will do that, I think, is for people who "know something" to step forward.

    So, thinks again!

    And thank you to our Owner and her Moderators also!

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    Since I am acutely aware that our public persona and digital presence is mostly a projection of what we want others to see or know, I sincerely appreciate those who are willing and able to offer us a peek into the real world of some of those involved in serious crime.

    Thank you

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