Ricky Haywood was 36

Murder victim's mother seeks justice
Wednesday, 24 October, 2001, 05:12 GMT 06:12 UK

The ailing mother of a jeweller shot dead at point blank range 12 years ago has spoken of her sense of injustice that her son's killer remains at large.

Mr Haywood, 36, was shot five times in the bathroom of the flat above the shop where he worked in Shirley High Street, Southampton.
The murder took place in October 1989 and since then detectives have interviewed more than 11,000 people
£100,000 to catch son's murderer
Last Updated: Sunday, 17 October, 2004, 16:01 GMT 17:01 UK

The mother of a gold dealer who was murdered fifteen years ago this week, is offering a £100,000 reward for information to help catch his killer.

Ricky's elderly mother Phyllis says she would sell her West End home to finance the reward.

Hampshire Police say they will follow up any new lines of inquiry.
Family demand answers over murder of Ricky Haywood
Southern Daily Echo
Jon Reeve, Education Reporter / Tuesday 20 October 2009 / True Crime Files
First published, October 15, 2009

THE five gunshots were fired in an instant but the devastation they caused has lasted 20 years and shows no sign of ending.

The gunman who shot Ricky Haywood at point-blank range left him lying in a pool of blood in the bathroom of his Southampton flat, and disappeared without a trace.

Detectives have always believed that the murder was the work of a professional hitman, a contract killing arranged by someone who maybe bore a grudge or who Ricky had upset.

One year after the killing, they vowed the killer would be caught, but warned; “Investigations have been difficult because a number of people don’t care who killed Ricky Haywood. We care for his mother’s sake and will find the killer for her.

“Ricky led a complicated lifestyle. He had several girlfriends and complicated business connections with those who, for their own reasons, have decided not to tell us the truth.”

“The stories about it being to do with drugs always seemed absurd to me – it wasn’t that at all because he just wasn’t that involved with drugs.

“Obviously, he’s upset someone in the jewellery trade, and I don’t think it was someone who came down from London – I think it was a local.”