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    True Crime Radio Interview w/ SMS - Beach & Jessica Lipscomb 10/8/2015**READ ONLY**

    Thursday, October 8th, 2015 True Crime Radio 9 PM Eastern
    (On Thursday 10/8 at a few minutes past 9 PM Eastern click on the "Listen Now"
    tab at the top of truecrimeradio.com to hear the show LIVE on iHeartradio)

    Who killed Dr. Teresa Sievers in her own home at the end of June? Was it a stranger? Was this stranger working with Curtis Wayne Wright who happens to be her husband Mark’s best friend?

    We don’t have the answers but hopefully our guest Sheriff Mike Scott will let us peek inside the investigation on
    Thursday, Oct 8th 9 PM Eastern on True Crime Radio.

    The discussion on
    Websleuths about the Sievers case is very lively.

    You have someone who is supposed to be a stranger to Teresa (Jimmy Rodgers) in custody and charged with her murder.

    Jimmy Rodgers said he didn’t “know those people in Florida”. Yet, Websleuths members found a picture of Jimmy Rodgers at his friend Curtis Wayne Wright’s wedding. In the picture, Jimmy Rodgers is talking to Mark Sievers, the husband of the murder victim.

    All three of these men were at Wright’s wedding in May. The murder happened in June. Two of the men, Rodgers and Wright, have been arrested. Is Mark Siever’s next?

    What other evidence has been uncovered by members of Websleuths?

    You can find out more by joining us on
    Thursday, Oct 8th at 9 PM Eastern on True Crime Radio
    with Sheriff Mike Scott.

    Remember click on the blue
    Listen Now tab at the top of the page a couple of minutes past 9 pm Eastern and that will take you to iHeart Radio and the live broadcast.

    Chatroom opens at 8:30 Eastern.
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    Thank you

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    How lucky are we?!

    It was such a great interview last time and I'm sure this one will be terrific as well.

    Please post any questions you'd like her to ask Sheriff Scott. Tricia will ask as many as possible during the time allotted.

    **Note: This time it is going to be aired on her iHeart network show. The last one was on BlogTalk. The chat feature on iHeart is much easier to access for those of you who had trouble participating in the BlogTalk chat.

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    Can't wait.

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    Question for Sheriff Mike Scott:
    Has Mark Sievers continued to cooperate with the investigation?

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    That is terrific news! Thank you very much! And the time of the show/ interview is so much better for me. Don't have to run all the red-lights like last time to be home in time for the interview....ahahaha, just kidding!!! Never had a ticket in my life!!

    My question for Sheriff Mike Scott:

    Has anything changed his opinion since his last interview here on WS about the case or about the players involved?
    (And thank you for running again for Lee County Sheriff in 2016!!! You rock!!)

    If the key does not fit, it's the wrong key.

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    My only question is....when?

    ETA...I echo Nin's post...thanks so much to Tricia for offering us another window into this "fascinating" investigation with all of its twists and turns. Sheriff Scott, you have done an outstanding job on this case and the people in Lee County are so fortunate to have you in the lead.
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    Wonderful news. Last time we were able to learn that a lot of progress really had been made.

    I would like to know if the envelope of suspicion has narrowed at all based on evidence obtained since the last interview. Are there people (family, friends, business associates) whom he had not ruled out before that he has now ruled out?

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    Question for Sheriff Mike Scott:

    Is he aware of any reason why TS's former patients cannot get their medical records (such as they are being held for investigation) and what can those patients do about it?

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    Interview via iHeartRadio

    For those planning to listen on mobile, you might want to try clicking on the link. It only gave me the option of listening in the iHeartRadio app or getting the app. This way you can get the app ahead of time. Perhaps on a PC you can listen without the app. Maybe the mods can clarify. tia

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    Was Wright a person of interest when he attend the funeral on July 6?

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    Do you still anticipate further arrests?

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    Roping in the Sheriff

    I knew you'd do it again, Tricia! Sounded to me like the sheriff really enjoyed his first interview with you. Hopefully, Sheriff Scott will consider Websleuths as an outlet for those questions that he CAN answer, and a think-tank for others that may merit further consideration. We stand with him in his quest for ultimate and complete Justice, most especially, in the case of the very beloved Dr.Teresa Sievers.

    We thank him, in advance, for his continued visits. And we thank you, Tricia, for making it ALL possible!

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    I'm trying to find the discussion of the photo of Rodgers talking to MS that a WS member discovered... Can someone pls point me to it?

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