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    AL - Russell Co., WhtFem? Skeletal, ~62, titanium rod in femur, Oct'15

    Human remains found off Sandfort Road in Russell County, sheriff's office is investigating

    The Russell County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the discovery of partial human remains — including a skull — near Little Uchee Creek and just past Phenix Drag Strip on Sandfort Road.

    Taylor said the remains, primarily bones, were scattered in a grassy area about 15 to 20 yards from Sandfort Road. The site is a short distance from Freeman Road and Woodland Drive. Deputies were stationed at the scene Friday night until a team of investigators began a thorough search of the area at dawn Saturday.

    It doesn’t appear that a full skeleton remains in the area, the sheriff said, although a piece of clothing was found and may eventually become a critical part of the investigation.

    The sheriff also said it’s difficult to tell, but his investigators believe the body could have been placed at the area.
    “Right now, it doesn’t appear to be a natural death,” he said. “At this time, we’re treating this as a homicide or suspicious death.”

    Anyone who may have information related to the discovery of the remains on Sandfort Road, including any suspicious activity spotted within the last year or so, are asked to contact the Russell County Sheriff’s Department at 334-298-6535.
    The sheriff said, based on other cases, he thinks the remains are six months to one-year old.

    There are currently two missing persons cases in Russell County. The sheriff's office will look into MP cases in other Alabama counties, and Georgia.

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    Video and some photos of the area.

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    RUSSELL COUNTY, AL, human remains, may have been in the woods 6mths-1yr, 02/10/15


    RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) – Russell County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference to announce the discovery of human remains found outside the city limits of Phenix City, AL.

    The remains were found by a man fishing at a creek in the woods around 1 p.m. on Friday, and the fisherman alerted the sheriff's office. The Russell County Sheriff's Office is investigating this as a homicide and suspicious death.

    They also discovered one piece of clothing that may become important later on in the investigation. Sheriff Heath Taylor believes the remains may have been in the woods from six months to a year.

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    From Bessie's link:
    The sheriff’s office also plans to look into missing person cases in the county, of which there are currently two, the sheriff said.
    I've been searching for the two current missing person cases in this county, and have had no success. The only case I found was resolved when the young man was found safe. So, yay to that anyway.

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    From October:


    Taylor said the forensic scientists from the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences say the remains found on Oct. 3 are believed to be those of an elderly white male or female, and they are leaning toward them belonging to a female, around 62 years old.

    The remains show a person who was approximately 5’2” and frail in stature. The autopsy also showed a titanium rod in the left femur and severe arthritis in the spine.
    Now saying the remains may have been there two to five years.

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