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    WA - Anna Pelayo, 13, Pasco, 29 December 1997

    Anna Pelayo was 13

    Find A Grave

    The 13-year-old's body was found dumped on Taylor Flats Road. She'd been shot.


    "She was seen in the early evening hours on a payphone making a call to someone to supposedly come pick her up," said Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond.

    That was the last she was seen alive before someone shot her, and dumped her out of a car. Her killer, still out there somewhere. Leads are far and few between.

    "Ultimately... That case has labored on for years, there is lots of viable suspects in that case, but over the years as time marches along, that all gets a lot cloudier," said Sheriff Raymond.

    That's why now, detectives in Franklin County have decided to send the case to a special cold case detective squad in New York.

    "Lots of times by doing that, when the cold case detectives have a look at those type of cases it lots of times seems more clear than it does to the people that have been investigating it over the years."

    "How do you kill? How do you take a 13 year old and shoot her in the head and then throw her off a car and leave her out here to die alone in the snow. Who does that?" she asked.

    Christina says her daughter was shy, smart, and kind.

    "I miss her so much, miss her very much. She could have been something unbelievable."

    It was a cold night in December when Anna went missing...just a few hours later...police came knocking with the terrible news. Franklin County Sheriffs questioned handfuls of suspects. Each lead ran cold.

    The girl's mother said her daughter started associating with gangs and running away from home after they moved to Pasco from Richland last fall.

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    I worked this case back in 04 and provided a report

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    Hoping and praying for news and peace for family and loved ones.

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